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Woman Says She Refuses To Get A Job Because She's A 'Stay-At-Home Daughter' Whose Job Is To 'Be Pretty'

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The concept of a “stay-at-home mom” is one that people are generally familiar with due to the vital role they play in caring for their children while another parent makes an income for the family. In recent years, the prevalence of the stay-at-home mom has somewhat dropped off as more women become professionals in all sorts of sectors. It is now more common for any gender to take on the role of a stay-at-home parent, with dads now representing 18% of stay-at-home parents, according to Pew Research Center data.

While stay-at-home parents have often had to demand respect for the work they do in the home, others have leaned into the "stay-at-home" role, with some arguably taking it too far — for example, TikTok's very own stay-at-home daughter.

One woman claimed to be a “stay-at-home daughter,” whose primary responsibility is to “be pretty.”

For most people, the concept of a “stay-at-home daughter” is completely new, but a TikTok creator named Shoshanna insisted that that really is her “job” in a video posted to her account.



In the video, Shoshanna says in a caption, “when everyone in ur life is telling you to get a job but they don’t get that being the stay-at-home daughter is a job” over a video of herself brushing her hair.

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Making a living online through social media is more possible now than ever.

Many famous personalities got their start by going viral or posting videos to YouTube or, more recently, TikTok. Some creators get millions of views, which can in turn translate to millions of dollars. It’s hard to derive exact figures as the online content space is so vast and every platform has different rules for how its creators get paid. It's safe to say, at least, that the top creators, which turn around millions of views per video, on any of these platforms are successful and make a healthy paycheck in advertising revenue from the platform.

Shoshanna is likely not one of those creators.

While the original TikTok has accrued hundreds of thousands of views, most of Shoshanna’s most recent content barely breaks 1000 views. These are not the sorts of numbers that you would expect from a creator that is able to live off of their online content, especially not on TikTok where the videos are short and creators are in competition with each other for money from TikTok’s creator fund, which only becomes more competitive every single day.

It seems that just “being pretty” isn’t paying off for this stay-at-home daughter quite yet.

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That said, it does seem that the TikTok is just a joke.

Many users joined in on the joke in the comments, expressing their desire to become "stay-at-home daughters."

"Like who is supposed to take care of the dog, cook and clean every day if we're all at work?" one person asked.

Another agreed, writing, "waking up at 2pm and doing my makeup should be enough for this family." 

Even Shoshanna herself has since posted a video with the hashtag "hire me," suggesting she may, in fact, have been job hunting at some point.



Likely a video meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but if being a "stay-at-home daughter" is Shoshanna's ultimate goal, she's on her way to achieving it. As the saying goes, dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

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