Young People Say Stay-At-Home Moms Aren't Entitled To 50% In Divorce — 'She Should Have Gotten A Job'

They argued that stay-at-home moms don't have a "real job" despite how challenging the role actually is.

Jas Billian interviewing young people on the street @jasbillan / TikTok

In an evolving world of societal norms and gender roles, the dynamics of marriage and parenthood have shifted over the last several years, as many people are choosing what's right for them.

While not everyone will agree, being a stay-at-home parent is a tough job. In a TikTok video of a content creator named Jas Billian interviewing a bunch of young people, they all agreed, however, that being a stay-at-home mother isn't that big of a deal.


Young people claimed that a stay-at-home mom isn't entitled to 50% of divorce assets.

While interviewing a bunch of UK-based young people in his video, Billian asked them each the same question: "Do you think it's okay for a woman to take 50% of the man's wealth when they have a divorce?"

The first two women to answer claimed that it all depends on if she owes money as well, and that if she hasn't then no, but if she does, then yes. When Billian added another layer to the question, pointing out that what if this hypothetical woman was a stay-at-home mother who was home with the children for five to six years and didn't have her own "career," both girls immediately replied no, she shouldn't be entitled to anything.




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Billan then asked the same question to two other women, who replied that the money shouldn't be split down the middle. "I don't care if you're dependent on a man, that's your fault," one of the girls told Billan, matter-of-factly.

He then proceeded to ask a group of young men what they thought, and they all agreed that a stay-at-home mother isn't entitled to any money from her husband after they've gone through a divorce. When Billan pointed out that this stay-at-home mother was spending all of her time raising the child, one of the young men rejected that idea.


"It's not my problem, she should get a job," he insisted. "I've got my job, I've got my money. It's my money, I earned that." Toward the end of the interview, Billan poked fun at him, asking if he had a girlfriend. The young man in question seemed to be rather self-aware, replying that he didn't.

"That's the reason why I don't have a girlfriend."

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Being a stay-at-home mother is a challenging role that requires unwavering dedication.

It can be a difficult thought for young people, especially those who don't have children and have never had to think about parenthood for too long, to fully understand and grasp just how demanding being a stay-at-home mother is. At first glance, it might seem like a walk in the park — all they have to do is stay home with the children all day and not have to do any "real work."


Unfortunately, that is not the case, and actually, being a stay-at-home mother, or even a stay-at-home dad, is incredibly multifaceted and has its own set of pressures and responsibilities. According to the Pew Research Center, roughly one in five U.S. parents are either stay-at-home moms or dads, but it's stay-at-home moms who face higher numbers of mental and physical health issues.

One Gallup poll of more than 60,000 U.S. women found that stay-at-home moms experienced depression, sadness, stress, and anger at a higher rate than working moms. Unlike a traditional job with set working hours, being a stay-at-home mom often means being on call and ready 24/7. The responsibilities of childcare don't just end at the close of business hours; they extend throughout the day and night, requiring constant attention and responsiveness.

There's also an emotional labor aspect to dedicating all of your time to spending with your children. Stay-at-home mothers have to deal with the emotional needs of children and manage conflicts while being the primary source of support for family members. There is a serious lack of recognition for stay-at-home moms, just because to an outside eye, it may just seem like the easiest role a woman can have. 


The journey of parenthood, regardless of its form, should always be supported, and no woman should be made to feel as if she is undervalued for choosing to be a stay-at-home parent.

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