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Woman Goes To The Salon And Gets Her Hair Washed By An Imposter Pretending To Work There

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hair salon employee scrubs shampoo into woman's hair

You likely wouldn’t suspect anything strange if a woman approached you to shampoo your hair while you waited for your stylist at the salon. That’s what they’re supposed to do, right?

Well, for whatever unusual reason, someone decided to pretend to work at a hair salon and do just that.

One woman was mystified after learning an imposter employee washed her hair at the salon.

Kirsten, who goes by kir.a.lo on TikTik, took to the app to share her uncanny experience.

She explained how she recently went to the hair salon to get a haircut. As she was waiting for her stylist, another woman approached her, saying, “Your stylist is just finishing up, so I’m going to shampoo you.” This didn’t seem out of the ordinary for a salon, so Kirsten followed her to the sink station.



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As the woman started washing her hair, Kirsten noticed something was off. After barely wetting her hair, the woman applied excessive amounts of shampoo and scrubbed a little too gently.

Kirsten didn’t read too much into this until she glanced around the salon and noticed the other stylists watching them apprehensively and whispering to each other. 

Kirsten could sense 'something was up,' and she wondered what was going on.

Several minutes passed, and the stylists continued to murmur amongst themselves while staring at Kirsten and the woman with concern until someone finally involved the salon manager.

Woman Goes To The Salon And Gets Her Hair Washed By An ImposterPhoto: bluecinema / Canva Pro

“The manager looks over, and, like, gets this weird look on her face, and she comes walking over to us,” Kirsten described. “And she says, ‘Ma’am, what are you doing?’” 

At first, Kirsten assumed the manager was talking to her, but she then realized the question was directed toward the woman washing her hair. 

She said the woman instantly stopped and replied with a stupefied “sorry” before rushing out of the salon. 

Kirsten was bewildered to discover whoever was randomly washing her hair did not work at the salon.

The salon stylists had no clue who this woman was or why she thought she could pose as an employee. This led some to wonder how far the woman was planning to go before someone would have said something.

Kirsten explained that the salon profusely apologized for this strange occurrence and brought a real employee to wash her hair properly. 

They offered a discount for the inconvenience, but Kirsten stated this situation was not their fault. Yet, how was a stranger able to act as an employee and direct Kirsten to the hair-washing station without anyone noticing? 



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Be that as it may, hair salons do tend to get busy, and no one would ever expect someone to do such a thing. Kirsten also explained that this salon, in particular, is quite large, with nearly 30 salon chairs. So, in this case, it would have been easy for someone to pose as an employee without others noticing.

In another TikTok video, Kirsten explained that the stylists waited before immediately confronting the woman because they weren't sure if the woman was actually a new hire they'd forgotten about. 

Kirsten further added that the employees at the salon wear all black, and the woman was wearing a black shirt, so she didn’t question her employment at first glance. Who would? It’s not every day that an imposter pretends to work at a hair salon. 

Many people in the comments bounced around various theories of the woman’s intentions. 

TikTok users in the comments pointed out the notable violation she committed by arbitrarily touching another person. Other people additionally mentioned that the woman could have been creating a diversion to rob Kirsten, but Kirsten confirmed that she had her purse in her hands the whole time and that nothing had been stolen from her.

Someone shared her theory that the woman may have been a stalker.

“My brain immediately said, ‘She is your stalker,' and took the opportunity to make contact,” she wrote in the comments.



Others theorized that she was possibly looking to practice her skills as a stylist, but her choice to do this as a fake employee was undeniably odd. Others speculated that she was likely mentally unstable.

“My [first] thought was maybe the girl thought about being a shampoo girl/assistant [and] was trying it out (and not totally right in the head),” one person shared. “Only a crazy person would do something like that and your HEAD was in a crazy person's hands!” another person commented.

It’s natural to assume the woman was probably not mentally aware of the peculiarity of her behavior, but others suggested she may have been pulling a prank or that someone else dared her to do it. One person joked that perhaps she had an appointment after Kirsten and wanted to “speed up the process.”

What was the woman up to?

The surge of social media users finding entertainment in people engaging in questionable behaviors to observe others’ reactions has likely influenced individuals around the world to engage in similarly strange actions. 

However, it’s unknown what this woman’s true intentions were. Maybe she was really bored, or she just felt lonely, but the situation has left Kirsten, the salon employees, and her followers utterly bewildered.

Nonetheless, this situation proves how naturally trusting people tend to be, especially in a setting where no one would predict such an event, and how easily someone can fool others by simply playing the part. That being said, be cautious of the people who approach you in public, as not everyone is always who they say they are.

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