Woman Shares The Wildly Inappropriate Email Her Boss Sent Her A Full 2 Weeks After She Quit

That's certainly ONE way to respond to an employee's resignation…

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If you're mad that an employee resigned, that means you'd prefer that they stay, right? And in that case you'd probably do whatever you could to get them back, yes? One woman's boss took the exact opposite approach, going full scorched Earth and doing it long after she was already gone. 

She got a wildly inappropriate email from her boss a full two weeks after she left her job.

The internet is full of stories about blind-sided bosses reacting in all kinds of ways to unexpected resignations —  from throwing gobs of money at the departing employee in hopes they'd stay to one guy whose boss threatened to call the cops on him for quitting.


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What this woman's boss did is right up there with the worst of the worst, and it's also downright bizarre, even in this golden age of bad bosses. She shared the email she got from him in a Reddit post because it left her so nonplussed that she "thought I should at least tell someone."


The email was full of profanity and he even called the woman a coward for quitting.

The subject line alone—which read "Chicken [Expletive]," as in the profane way of saying "coward"— would be pretty shocking to receive from anyone besides a close friend making a joke. Woman Gets Inappropriate Email From Her Boss 2 Weeks After QuittingPhoto: Reddit 

But the body was even worse. "That was the most chicken [expletive] way to quit I've seen in 20 years," the email read. "Congrats on that dubious distinction you pile of all talk garbage."

Whew! Someone needs a nap! And a bit more common sense, for that matter — In comments to other Redditors, the woman explained that her boss sent the nasty email not from his personal address but from his company one. Not a great move, bucko!


The woman explained that toxic and abusive behavior like this is precisely why she quit.

"This manager has been nothing but demeaning to me and other employees since the day I started the position," she began her explanation after several Redditors asked for the story. 

"He belittled everyone around him to make himself feel bigger" — noooo, this guy? An entitled baby man who gets BIG MAD when women cross him? I'd have never guessed! 

The Redditor went on to say his behavior and management style were "intolerable" and that the entire staff was "more or less genuinely scared of him."



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But here's the real kicker. "He called the women of the workplace 'emotional' when upset with any situation." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL this from a dude who sends profanity-laden, insulting emails to former employees WEEKS after they quit?! PLEASE!

The rest of her description was basically every single attribute of the worst boss in the entire world: He refused to take accountability, was unreliable, and was "a conflict avoider" on top of it — except for, you know, sending people nasty emails weeks after they resigned. 

Anyway! "The previous person in my position lasted three days and said their reason for quitting was him specifically," she went on to say, which… yikes, but not as yikes as the fact that he would "always ask employees if he was the [jerk] that made people leave." Buddy boy, the call is coming from inside the house.

All of that is probably why she quit in the "chicken poop" way most of us have dreamed of doing at one time or another. "I walked out during my shift without a word," she wrote.




Unsurprisingly, emailing a former employee like this is a terrible idea. Lawyers say that workers in this position can file a police report for harassment and, in some cases, have grounds to sue, especially if they've badmouthed you to others, though state laws vary. 

This woman wrote that she is also reporting the guy to her former employer's HR department. "I just feel they should be at least aware this is how he's conducting himself with their name attached to the company email name," she wrote.


They'll probably be very interested in how this lovely gentleman represents them.

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