Woman Feels Bad After Abandoning A Guy In A Bar With A Bill He Didn't Have The Money To Pay

There were some red flags that suggested she might have done the right thing.

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Meeting someone for the first time is always a shot in the dark. Things could go great and you could find yourself on a first date, or it could be horrible. One woman experienced the latter after going for drinks with a man she just met.

A woman felt guilty after she left a man in a bar with a bill he was unable to pay.

An anonymous woman took to Reddit to share her predicament and ask for advice. 


“When I was out on my own in the city this one guy approached me,” she said. “He asked me if I wanted to go to a bar with him and, as I had no other plans, I agreed to come with him.”

The red flags began popping up for this woman almost immediately. “When we were at the bar, he kept asking me how much money I had with me,” she said. “I told him I had 10 euros and he said he had that much too.”



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“We then ordered drinks and I noticed that he couldn’t really hold a conversation, and I got annoyed by that,” the woman continued. “He didn’t understand my questions either [and] kept telling me the same things (he wanted a woman who was good and who he could go on walks with and to have children [with]).”

The conversation continued to go downhill. “He also kept showing me pictures of himself and his family and that was basically our interaction,” she said.

At this point, the woman had enough. “I eventually grew tired of this and grabbed my stuff, saying I was going to the bathroom,” she said.

He kept following me into the ladies’ room and when I told him he couldn’t come in, he waited outside,” she explained. It was clear something strange was happening with this guy.


Woman Feels Bad After Abandoning A Guy In A BarPhoto: Jonathan Borba  / Pexels

“We then went back to the bar and he proceeded to pay the bill, asking me for money,” she said. This was when the woman made a pivotal decision.

“I then faked a phone call and told him I had to go outside to talk,” she said. “Then I just left and walked away, leaving him with a bill he probably couldn’t pay. I was angry at him for wasting my time, [and] also at myself for agreeing to come with him out of boredom.”


This woman was left wondering if she had done something wrong by departing early and leaving the guy to pay the tab that he may or may not have had enough money for.

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Others were split on what the woman did.

Fellow Reddit users who commented on the post could not agree on what the best course of action would have been, and whether or not the woman had messed up.

Some people were convinced the woman had done the right thing as she could have been in a dangerous situation with this man.

Woman Feels Bad After Abandoning A Guy In A Bar With A Bill He Couldn't PayPhoto: progressman / Canva Pro


“As soon as he followed you into the bathroom it was time to dip or tell the bartender he’s a creep and needs to be removed,” one person said. “You did the right thing.”

Others weren’t so sure. “The right thing to do would have been to end the date when you saw it wasn’t going anywhere, put the 10 euros down for your drink, tell him it was nice to meet him, wish him good night, and leave,” another person said.

There is no clear right or wrong for the woman's situation.

Stay and pay or leave the way she did? There are arguments for both scenarios.


As one commenter noted, she could easily have left money on the bar and politely exited, but hindsight is often 20/20 in stressful situations like this.

However, with the man’s strange behavior, like approaching her on the street and following her to the bathroom, it was probably smart that she got herself out of what could have turned into an unsafe predicament.

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