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Woman Decides Not To Tip For A 7-Hour Hair Appointment Because It Already Cost $350

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A woman sparked a fierce debate about tipping culture after she refused to tip her hairdresser who braided her hair. 

The woman, Justice, argued that her hairdresser earns a decent wage and that she was already dropping enough money to get her hair done that a tip wasn't necessary. However, others believed her reasoning was flawed. 

Justice said she did not tip her hairdresser for a seven-hour appointment because it already cost $350. 

In a controversial TikTok video that has been viewed over 5 million times, Justice showed off her new braids and admitted that it was the first time she did not tip her hairdresser. “I was fuelled with anxiety,” she revealed, saying that her nerves further escalated after her stylist began counting the cash she paid her after the seven-hour hair session. 



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Justice said that she felt tipping was not necessary for such an expensive service. 

She defended her decision further claiming her hairdresser earns $46 an hour which does not include the cost of the hair, which rounds up to around $40. “She didn’t have to commute, she’s not paying any extra overhead because she works from home,” Justice said. 

Additionally, Justice said she performed more work for the appointment than her hairdresser. 

“I go to the ATM, which is the most inconvenient method of payment to go get the exact amount of cash I need for the appointment,” she explained. Adding, “I also had to come [with my hair] washed, conditioned, and blow-dried, and I was the one who had to do the commuting.” 

Woman Doesn't Tip Hairdresser For Seven Hour Appointment Because It Cost 350 DollarsPhoto: Alliance Images / Canva Pro

Amidst her somewhat backward rant justifying her lack of a tip, she still praised her hairdresser's service. “She was the best braider I’ve ever had and I will definitely be going back to her.” 

Justice doesn't believe that tipping is a way to express gratuity to customer service workers; instead, she explained the best way to thank them is by respecting their policies, arriving to your appointment on time, being respectful of the space that you’re in, letting them take photos of their work after, and promoting their business to friends and family. 

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“We don’t need to bump someone’s $40 an-hour work up to $45 to say thank you,” Justice argued. 

Opinions were understandably mixed over Justice's tipping commentary.

“Tipping fatigue is real. Definitely needs to be scaled back, especially with the cost of things,” one TikTok user commented. “Yeah, I’m with you I’m not tipping for hair or nails anymore. The price keeps climbing and half the time they are late,” another user wrote. “Can we just pay for the service?” another user suggested. 

However, other people believed the hairstylists deserved a tip for all of the effort they put in for their clients. 

“Not tipping on your fast food or Starbucks is fine but this, 7.5 HOURS?! I would never not tip,” one TikTok user wrote. “‘She is the best stylist I ever had’ is exactly why we tip,” another user wrote. 

It is no secret that most Americans believe tipping culture has become unreasonable.

A survey conducted by Bankrate found that 66% of Americans have a negative perception of tipping culture, with 30% believing that tipping has become out of control. 

While many customer service workers such as restaurant servers rely on tips to earn a decent wage, those who run their own businesses from home can determine their own rates. 

Hairdressers who work from home typically have the flexibility to set their own prices for their services since they are independent contractors or business owners. Setting their own prices allows them to tailor their rates to the local market, their target clientele, and their desired profit margins.

In this particular scenario, Justice might not be off the mark, but not every hairdresser, is afforded the same luxury.

Woman Doesn't Tip Hairdresser For Seven Hour Appointment Because It Cost 350 DollarsPhoto: annakhomulo / Canva Pro

While tipping may be a way to express your gratitude for your hairdresser’s services, it is important to note that it is not required. If you find yourself short on cash after an expensive hair treatment, it may be best to thank them by sending all of your friends their way to get their hair done. 

They’ll quickly earn back the money they lost from lack of tips. 

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