Woman Asks For A Tip After Letting Someone Pet Her Dog & Calls Out Just How Over The Top Tipping Culture Can Be

Many Americans agree with her that tipping culture has gone too far.

woman, dog, tip @goodboyralph / TikTok 

Tipping culture in America is a common practice in which customers leave extra money as a gratuity for services provided by workers, especially in the hospitality and service industries. The practice is often seen as a way to show appreciation for good service and is considered an expected part of dining out culture. 

Although tipping is a fairly common custom in the U.S., many Americans believe that it has gone too far and we are expected to provide a tip for service workers for the bare minimum. 


One woman on TikTok points out the expectations of American tipping culture in a hilarious video where she asks a stranger to provide her a tip after a simple favor. 

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The woman joked that she asks people to tip her after letting them pet her dog. 

The dog owner, who often posts adorable videos of her beloved pet Ralphie, hilariously mocked tipping culture in a video that has been viewed over 2 million times. 

As the woman and Ralphie are walking through a park, another woman is filmed walking toward them, with the cute dog grabbing her attention. “Oh my god, your dog is so cute!” she exclaims, before asking if she is allowed to pet him. 




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“Of course!” the owner tells her. The woman kneels down to pet Ralphie, and as she does, his owner sticks cell phone in front of her. “Do you mind answering this question real quick?” On the screen, there is an option to provide her with a 15%, 20%, 25% or a custom amount tip for the interaction. 

Many TikTok users could not help but compare the video to nearly every public outing they experience in the U.S., as they too agreed that typing culture has gone overboard. 


“I went to a bar this weekend and the first option was 30%,” one user commented. “I once had my car towed and the tow truck guy did this to me after I paid him $300,” another user shared. 

“Went to salad station WHERE YOU FIX YOUR OWN salad. Got to register. Option for a damn tip. Cashier did NOTHING in prepping. It’s getting out of hand,” another user noted. “This is exactly what happened to me when I pet someone’s dog in the Dominican Republic,” another user revealed. 

In most public spaces that offer customer service, including restaurants and salons, tipping is viewed as a kind gesture, although it is certainly not required. When one does choose to tip, workers can usually expect anywhere from 10-25% of the total bill. 

While customers are not obligated to leave a tip, it is generally expected and considered polite to do so, especially if the service was good. In some cases, restaurants and other service businesses may add an automatic gratuity to the bill for large groups or for certain types of services, such as catering or room service. 


However, if you are asked to give a tip to a dog owner after they allow you to pet them, we suggest turning around and walking away. 

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