Woman Defends Her Decision To Purchase A $100K Car Instead Of Using That Money To Buy A Home

At the end of the day, your money is yours to spend.

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TikTok content creator @valpucino has faced backlash after sharing that she recently purchased a luxury car for over $100K instead of buying a home or investing.

Commenters critiqued her, suggesting she made the “wrong decision” and acted impulsively. 

A woman faced backlash on TikTok for purchasing a $100K car instead of buying a home.

“So, I actually just don’t want to own a home,” she shared in a video responding to the comments. "I travel a lot, so why would I buy a house when I don’t know where I want to live?”


Of course, especially in the current economy, many people with the financial stability to purchase a home are choosing to do so, as it can provide the opportunity for passive income or a more stable investment over renting. 

However, many argue that owning a home might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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As she mentioned on her page, the stressful nature of caring for and purchasing a home isn’t right for her at this moment, especially considering maintenance, utilities, and overall upkeep for her apartment are generally handled by her landlord. 

So, instead, she decided to purchase her dream car, an expense that she was both excited about and financially ready to commit to.

Being that she travels most of the time, she couldn’t justify buying a home instead of her dream car — ‘I have plenty of investments, don’t worry.’

“I don’t know anything about owning a home,” she said. Don’t worry; I have lots of investments, which is why I was able to buy a brand new [luxury car].”

With a financial investor and a good deal of financial responsibility and stability, she said this was the commitment she was ready to make. As a responsible individual, she alluded to the future, where she might make the choice to purchase a home, but right now, that wasn’t the best choice.


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While it’s their own personal choice and lifestyle to maintain, many younger generations of workers are choosing the luxury of purchasing nice things instead of investing in a home.


Whether it’s embracing singlehood, enjoying travel, or appreciating the convenience of a rental situation, they have the freedom to both save and spend their incomes elsewhere — for trips, new cars, luxury goods, or even, in this economy, a weekly trip to Whole Foods for groceries.

At the end of the day, despite the controversial discourse, it’s her money to spend — not every financial decision is right for everyone.

In the midst of an affordability crisis for many young people, as they tackle rising costs, stagnant wages, and insurmountable student loan debts, the debate about financial stability is more prevalent than ever. Seeking happiness, fulfillment, and comfort is inherently tied to income, yet many are quick to pass judgment when people make seemingly “irresponsible” financial decisions.

Buying a luxury car isn’t going to be possible for everyone. Buying coffee once a week, getting dinner with friends, or planning a weekend getaway might not be either. Everyone is simply trying to find a healthy balance of personal fulfillment and financial stability, which will not look the same for everyone.


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On social media, it’s especially easy to look at someone’s “Day In My Life” videos or “PR unboxings” and assume their financial status, but nobody knows for sure. Let people live their lives, purchase nice things, choose to save, or pass up on homeownership when they choose to.


As one commenter eloquently wrote, “I have no interest in the financial choices my parents made. I’ll make the decision to buy organic groceries or get my hair done if I feel like it’s the right choice for me. Mind your own business.”

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