Woman Claims She Made $19,000 By 'Matching The Frequency Of Money'

“If you understand this, you’ll never be broke or live paycheck to paycheck ever again.”

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In a world in which our lives are predominantly ruled by money, the path to financial freedom can be challenging. We often find ourselves relentlessly hustling and worrying about every penny spent. 

However, according to one woman on TikTok, all it takes is the power of manifestation to achieve financial abundance because, in her words, “money is a frequency.”

The woman explained how she earned $19,000 by aligning with the frequency of money.

Celeste Pomilia frequently posts content about the correlation between quantum physics and spirituality, offering her unique approach to help uplift and transform the lives of others.


“So I just received another $19,000, and I don’t even have a product out yet, I don’t sell anything, everything that I offer is free of cost, and I still receive large amounts of money,” she began a recent video. “How is that possible? It’s because I learned the truth about money.”

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She explained that money is more than just paper bills and coins, especially in our modern, digital society. Rather, it’s the constant transfer of funds in our bank accounts, similar to the transfer of energy.

“Money is a frequency,” she said. “Just like everything else in this universe, everything has its own frequency. And it’s only when you understand how to match that frequency that you can begin to allow it in.”

As the law of manifestation reinforces, individuals must learn how to align their energy to be open to receiving what they desire, operating as a magnet to fortune and abundance, rather than chasing their desires, subconsciously believing they are out of reach. 

This mindset can be difficult to adopt as it goes against everything society has taught us about the function of money. However, we all have the ability to rewire how we view our financial abundance.

Many of us have grown up understanding that we must work hard to make money — we must chase the dollar sign, especially when the burden of bills, debt, and daily expenses constantly weigh us down.


“We’ve been taught to go towards the money, to work for the money, and the reason why we’re taught this is to keep us poor and to keep us struggling,” Pomilia claimed. “The truth is that we need to allow the money in, and if we’re working for the money, and we’re going towards the money, we’re creating so much resistance. We’re creating a blockage within the place that the money is supposed to be coming in.”

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Pomilia crossed her arms, demonstrating the blockage we energetically create through the desperate pursuit of money, and then extended her arms apart, motioning the release of this blockage.


“We want to open that gate, free the freeway, and say yes, money, come to me,” she expressed. “Not only is it about allowing the money in, it’s also matching the frequency of money.”

By learning how to raise your own frequencies, you too can attract the abundance you desire.

“How would you feel if you had the money you desire?” she asked viewers. “What are the feelings that are associated with the money that you desire?”

She acknowledged that it can be difficult to ignore our financial anxieties, which can feel debilitating. However, by “tapping into the emotions” of what it feels like to be financially free and abundant, we allow ourselves to be open to the constant flow of money.

In essence, while it may seem silly to some, by pretending you already have the money you desire and confidently focusing on the feelings this reality brings up, the trajectory of your finances will evolve significantly.

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“Focus on … doing things that make you feel good because when you feel good, you raise your frequency,” she emphasized. “And the higher you raise your frequency, the more you are able to match the frequency of money.”

In the same way that hard work and dedication contribute to growing your income, self-confidence and visualizations play a considerably effective role as well. Believe in your manifestations and money will naturally fall into your path. All one must do is pay attention and trust the process.

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