Wine-Infused Coffee Exists — So You Can Wake Up And Get Drunk

You will never have to make the tough choice again.

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Pick-me-up or wind-down? Decisions, decisions. I often reach a point in the workday where I don’t know whether I need another cup of coffee or a heaping glass of wine. There's one that's the responsible choice, and one that I actually want to make.

Would I work better with a jolt or get more done if I was thinking with a relaxed mind? I run into this problem often, but it seems that the universe is about to make my life a whole lot easier.


Wine-infused coffee exists, so now you can wake up and get drunk:

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Wine-infused coffee is now a thing and I am ready and willing to give it a try. Coming from two Napa Valley companies, there will now be a fix for that awkward time in the late afternoon when you have a wine key in one hand and a hand grinder in the other. It will be acceptable to drink alcohol at noon. Happy hour starts at 9 AM now.


Molinari Private Reserve winemakers and Wild Card coffee roasters are teaming up for the greater good of humanity. Creating a whole new kind of drink, these two companies are collaborating to bring both regular and decaf to the world.

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They’ve actually been hard at work for over two years trying to get the taste just right. Now, they have a full-bodied coffee with blueberry notes and it’s full of antioxidants. You can get a buzz and a caffeine high, with the benefit of great taste and it's healthy too.

Since red wine has more antioxidants than white, the companies thought that it would pair better with coffee. They even developed a special house red that they sell in the winery and hope to sell in bars and cafes in the future.


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While traveling over to Napa Valley to give it a try would be ideal, not everyone has time to make the trip. Luckily for us, the new concoction can be bought online. (Though, it is currently sold out.)

The coffee grounds can be prepared in a variety of ways as well. Cafes will be able to make lattes, espressos, French Press, and cold. In fact, the French Press is a great way to bring out the blueberry notes, and adding milk is said to make the flavors more pronounced. So, grab yourself a bag and brew this delicious wine-infused coffee right up. I cannot wait for all the cheesy ways Starbucks can make this into a new drink. Imagine the secret menu. Your local coffee shop could also be a great bar.

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