Wife Infuriated At The Way Her Husband Tried To Keep Their Toilet Clean While She Was Away — ‘It’s Like We Live At A 7-Eleven’

Was she justified in her anger, even though he was just trying to keep the house clean?

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It’s natural for couples to fight. No one could get through a relationship without it. 

However, you don’t often hear about a fight occurring because one person was trying to keep the house clean. Typically, that’s a reason to thank someone, not berate them.

That wasn’t true for one married couple. When this husband did his best to keep their toilet clean, his wife did not like it at all.

A husband used blue dye to keep the toilets in his house extra clean, angering his wife.

TikTok user Jenn Lyles posted a video detailing just what her husband did that made her so upset. The original video has since been deleted, but comedian Scott D. Henry reposted it with his own commentary.

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“My husband and I have been married for 17 years and we got into the biggest fight we’ve ever gotten into ever, over our toilet water,” Lyles stated.


“You tell me if I’m overreacting because I really don’t think I am,” she told viewers.

Lyles went on to explain her gripe. “Every single time I go out of town, my husband’s incredible,” she said. “Like, I travel a lot for work. I come home; he’s so great about cleaning the house, doing the laundry, you know, keeping up with the kitchen. The house is always immaculate when I come home.”

All of that sounded good, and it was hardly a reason to have such a huge fight.

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Lyles continued, “Somehow this man got it into his head that, ‘You know what would be really cool is if you put one of those giant blue hockey disks in the back of your toilet water, so that every time you flush, the toilet … water comes out blue.”

Lyles could barely contain her anger and frustration. “Like, it’s like we live at a 7-Eleven!” she exclaimed incredulously.

“So, I come home … I go to the bathroom, and I’m like, ‘Why is the water blue?’” she recounted. “And he’s like, ‘Oh, I bought these things to put in the back of the toilet.’ I was like, ‘What? What were you doing at the store, looking at the aisle of all the things, cleaning items for the house, where you thought that would be a good idea? Like, take me through [it].’”


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It’s true that blue water dye is often used in 'commercial' toilets.

While it’s unclear exactly what the 7-Eleven toilet situation is, according to Utah-based plumbing company Beehive Plumbing, “These tablets are a common way to clean out toilet bowls, and they just so happen to be used in countless grocery stores, discount stores, and other commercial plumbing situations.”

Beehive Plumbing also stated that some people favor these blue dye tablets because they “smell nice” and keep the toilet cleaner in between manual cleanings. However, those are the only real benefits.


Beehive Plumbing said that these tablets are actually bad for your pipes and for the environment. They can also make regular cleanings of your toilet tank necessary.

Henry was shocked by Lyles’ reaction to the blue water.

As for Henry, his reaction was just as shocked as Lyles’, for an entirely different reason. He couldn’t believe she would react so strongly to the color of toilet water, especially when it meant her husband was trying to keep the toilet clean.

“Oh, this man is a saint!” he said of her husband. “This is justified. I fully am on [the] husband’s side.”

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Lyles explained that she got her husband to remove the water from the tank so she wouldn’t have to see the blue water anymore.

Perhaps the takeaway from this situation is that everyone has different opinions, and that’s okay. Or, maybe it’s that blue toilet water should simply not be a thing.

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