How Being Self-Aware Can Help You Value Life’s Simple Pleasures

What does it mean to truly be self-aware?

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By Jeremy Divinity

There I was, standing still. 

The only thing that existed was myself and the surrounding environment. 

A sea of tall grass covered the rolling hills, which flowed like ocean waves. 

The white clouds blotched the indigo sky, and the oak trees’ leaves swayed in the breeze. 

In this instance, nothing in the world mattered, and everything was beautiful. 

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We must step out into nature to recognize and appreciate the beauty of life and experience nature’s ability to ground us. 

Can you recall the last time you simply enjoyed the way a cool breeze not only gives way to the sway of the leaves but also kisses your face? 

How did you feel when you last stood still, truly appreciating the way a sunset creates an aura that fills the sky? 

Or even the last time that you understood and acknowledged the world around you? 

Our lives are busy, and thus, we forget to simply stop and look around. 

We make time for work and social activities but don’t make calendar appointments to observe and appreciate the way that a sunset paints the sky. 


None of us notice the signs that we should start over or notice how the gold-tinted sky is an opportunity for a new beginning. 

We don’t invest our presence in precious moments, such as way that the sun kisses our skin. 

We observe our environment. Instead, we fix ourselves on our screens. 

We’ve lost our connection with nature and have replaced its intuitive grace with artificial enchantment. 

We are no longer aware.

We define awareness as being alert and conscious of your environment and as a result, understanding what’s happening around you. 

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Awareness fuels our curiosity, especially as we begin to understand our environment more. 


Our goal is to find meaning in awareness, not only in our environment but within ourselves, and with that meaning we will find appreciation. 

A keen appreciation of life’s simple pleasures originates from self-awareness. 

Self-awareness is defined as your ability to not only be conscious in an environment but to also understand your purpose within it. 

It is a realization that the outside world and all its experiences are not only a part of your own personal experiences but also a reflection of who you are. 

When we are self-aware, we understand that we aren’t woven into the fabric of life. 

Instead, we comprise life’s structure of life is made up of us. 


Through stillness and self-abandonment, you become both the observed and the observer. 

As the observed, you realize all that exists now. 

As the observer, you step into your being and your connection to all things. 

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When we simultaneously play both roles we realize the power of love that our humility forms. 

We are one with all things and beings. We are intertwined with all things.

In its essence, life instills a naturally magnificent and enriching sense of wonder within us. 


To be aware is to value the beautiful simplicity of life itself, which is magical.

When we allow ourselves to appreciate life’s natural, effortless beauty, we begin to appreciate the beauty in the simple things and simultaneously discover a higher appreciation for the things that already catch our eyes. 

Our own trials and tribulations become minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

If endless worries cloud your vision and perception of life’s goodness, you won’t be able to see the beauty of the sunrise and sunset. 

So live in the moment, and surround yourself with life’s beauty. 

You will be able to notice every miniscule detail you’ve missed because you’ve fully practiced self-awareness.


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Jeremy Divinity is a writer who focuses on self-love, self-care, and lifestyle content. For more of his self-love content, visit his Twitter page.