What Your Favorite Flower Reveals About Your Personality

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Did you know that your favorite flower doesn't just beautify its surroundings, but actually says a lot about your personality type? 

Our flower preferences come from a subconscious part of our brain and can reveal much about our personalities, lifestyles, and even our tastes.

An article in Town and Country spoke to Meredith Waga Perez, owner of Belle Fleur in New York City, about what our floral predilections say about us.

Here is what your favorite flower reveals about your personality:

1. Rose = You love to travel

Rose people love to travel and adventure because they enjoy different cultures and their own unique cultures. Every season is a rose season, so as a rose lover, you're always in style, always fashionable, and completely on point.

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2. Peony = You're pretty, girly, and sensitive

You probably had an insanely beautiful wedding (people are still talking about it) and you try to have fresh flowers in your house as often as possible. You may wear pink or lavender a lot but that doesn't mean you're a pushover; you can be strong when you need to be.

3. Magnolia = You're strong and graceful

Magnolias only bloom for the month of May each year and are the earliest known flowering plant. You're rare, graceful, and may come from a powerful family. You have a tendency to take on the problems and the worries of others. Luckily, you're beautiful and strong, and nothing is too much for you to handle.

4. Lilac = You're sentimental and treasure antiques and vintage clothing

Not unlike the lilac, you remain in an upright posture because you know that's the best way to stand out and make a lasting impression.

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5. Hydrangea = You welcome change

You're as colorful and bold as the flower you adore. Your mood changes with the seasons and your favorite season is summer, for that's when you truly come into your own and bloom. You embrace change and like to get out and do things. No one would ever call you a stick in the mud.

6. Carnation = You're low-key and stay out of the spotlight

You don't like to be the center of attention for any reason. If people sing happy birthday to you in a restaurant, you want to die. You like to do quieter pursuits and have a gift for learning languages. You'll never appear in Girls Gone Wild.

7. Orchid = You're classy, sophisticated, and mysterious

You have a tight circle of friends who appreciate your outspokenness but not your mood swings. Looks and appearances are everything for you.

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8. Daisy = You're cheerful, upbeat, and always optimistic

You know that as good or bad as things are, they will always be better tomorrow. You love to make people laugh and you cherish your friendships. It's no wonder you're the life of every party.

9. Tulip = You give great advice

You connect easily with people and are sweet, thoughtful, and generous. You love to travel and easily adapt to change. You're the person to go to when someone needs great advice.

10. Lily = You're a nurturing caregiver

You're somewhat of a mother figure because you love to care and help others. You're proud of your achievements and in turn, are well-respected.

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