How The 'Universal Cat Distribution System' Allegedly Helps Cats Find Their People

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If you had a cat come into your life unannounced, you may have been touched by the cat distribution system. There may be a reason why you see so many stray cats in your daily life and, perhaps, have even adopted one you found.

There are plenty of witnesses to prove the theory is real, and they've been taking to TikTok and other social media platforms to let it be known.

What is the universal cat distribution system?

The cat distribution system is a concept that explains how cats or kittens just randomly appear in your life. It's the idea or theory that sometimes you don't adopt a cat; rather, a cat adopts you.

It's like the universe's way of pairing up cats and humans. The phenomenon occurs when the universe distributes kittens to people for seemingly no reason at all.

The concept was first explained by TikToker @hermes.the.cynic.



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"You'll just be like going to work, you'll take a break and you'll go outside, and there's a kitten in a bush. Now that's your kitten," he says. This means you have received a cat through the cat distribution system.

He digs deeper, saying that when this happens, you have been "entrusted by the universe" and deemed a good person to take care of this tiny creature.

The cat distribution system may also occur when you are given an extra cat or kitten when you go to adopt only one.

The TikToker concludes his video by saying that nothing really matters if we "cannot solve the kitten problem." And he's right.

The video's comment section is filled with people agreeing with him and giving their own experiences.

One user commented, "The cat distribution system is the only real thing I actually believe in," while another said, "The cat distribution system didn't give me a kitten, it gave me a cat that then had 4 kittens on my birthday." Others said "All cats should be acquired through side quests" and "First rule of cat distribution system, don’t talk about the cat distribution system."

How does the cat distribution system work?

The "system" works by cats seemingly appearing in people's lives randomly and the person then adopting them. Cats are believed to have an innate ability to choose their human companions (with the universe's help, of course).

The cat might show up at someone's doorstep, wander into a person's life unexpectedly, or be found in unexpected places.

The cat distribution system suggests that cats have a knack for finding the right people to provide them with love, care, and a forever home. And many people have taken to TikTok to explain their own experience with the cat distribution system working for them.



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One user, Patricia Joy, got home from work and let her animals outside. When Joy let them in, a random cat appeared in her backyard.

Joy was cautious while giving the stray cat some food and love. She even stated in the video, "You may be my cat now." Joy took care of the cat like it was her own, saying, "We gotta get you taken care of."



Another user posted a video of the cat distribution system at work. She found a tiny kitten outside of a tractor supply store, meowing in the bushes. "I heard something meowing in the parking lot behind me," she said. The Tiktoker, Maci, said that she looked for the mom but she was nowhere to be found.

"She's covered in fleas, she's kind of lethargic. I'm gonna take her to the vet as soon as I can," Maci explained in her video while holding the sweet kitten.

Still don't think the system works? Maci continued to explain her rescue, adding, "I called her and she immediately ran to me. I don't know if that was the universe telling her that I was there to rescue her."

Although the universe has developed a system to have some of these stray creatures find good homes, it doesn't quite address what to do about cat overpopulation.

To address the issue, it's essential people do their research on TNR (Trap Neuter Return), especially for feral cats, and just how important spay and neuter is. It's truly important for us as a human population to take care of the creatures we cohabitate with on the planet.

It's our duty to do what we can to curb the kitten problem, even if that means taking away the means of reproduction by getting community cats spayed/neutered and practicing TNR whenever possible. This way, we can lower the amount of kittens that go without homes and suffer because of it.

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