The Image You Choose In This Test Reveals What Relaxes Your Brain

What you pick says a lot about you.

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There are a number of visual tests out there filled with images that seemingly have nothing to do with you but end up giving valuable insight into who you are.

One such test was shared by psychotherapist Emily Iniekio on TikTok using simple images. This particular test, according to her, tells viewers what relaxes them.

The image you’re drawn to in this visual relaxation test reveals what soothes your brain.



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According to Iniekio, by selecting one of the eight images shown, you can determine exactly what it is that gives you a feeling of relaxation.

She proceeds to share eight images that include a plant, the interior of a building, a green forest, waves washing up on the beach, an adorable puppy, an artistic structure, a canvas with blue paint, and a piece of fine art.

While watching the video above, choose the image that resonates with you the most.

1. If you chose image #1, the plant

The plant displayed is an example of a natural fractal, an object with repeating geometric patterns that are symmetrical and cohesive. According to Iniekio, "It’s really soothing to the brain because our brains are always trying to make order out of chaos."


2. If you chose image #2, the architectural building

Just as fractals appear in nature, they do in architecture. They are patterns that repeat themselves and, according to her, are purposely used in buildings to induce a sense of calm.

3. If you chose image #3, the green landscape

After spending the majority of our time indoors, stepping outside can be a welcome retreat. Green landscapes have a soothing effect on our brains.

Iniekio tells viewers that they are so impactful, Japanese businesses are making going for a walk mandatory for employees.

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4. If you chose image #4, the beach

When you think of a person who lives near the beach, you imagine them being sunkissed and relaxed at all times. Scientists think that the in and out motion of the waves in the ocean has a calming nature the helps us slow down and be present.


5. If you chose image #5, the puppy

Who doesn’t love a cuddly little puppy? Apparently, they aren’t just cute pets.

Iniekio shared a 2009 study that revealed that staring at puppy pictures helps to tap into our parenting sense of caretaking, resulting in better concentration.

6. If you chose image #6, the metallic art

Iniekio asserted that humans prefer curvy images when it comes to who they are sexually attracted to and where they live. In 2010, John Hopkins scientists tapped into study participants' brain activity and noted that they became more excited when viewing curved images.

7. If you chose image #7, the color blue

In another study, the psychotherapist shared that psychiatrists at Creighton University found that shades of blue had the ability to reduce anxiety in people. Blue is associated with calm, relaxation, and mindfulness.


8. If you chose image #8, the piece of fine art

Iniekio believes that staring at fine art can elevate the levels of dopamine in your brain. The chemical is released when you experience pleasure and makes you feel happy. It is a neurotransmitter that is known to help with anxiety.

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