The Image You See First In This Visual Personality Test Reveals Who You Become When You're In Love

visual personality test reveals who you are in love

While personality tests reveal those dominant character traits you show to the world on a daily basis, it doesn't take a degree in psychology to know that who you really are when you're dating and in the process of falling in love can shape-shift as quickly as any optical illusion out there.

When you fall in love, major parts of your life can't help but change.

Your routine changes as you make room for another person, and that's not always easy.

You have to learn how to balance time with your friends and time with your new romantic partner, among various other challenges.

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There's a very real learning curve involved in the entire endeavor, no matter who you are, who you've been, or who you may become in the future.

Think about how often a friend of yours has coupled up with a new squeeze and then straight-up fallen off the planet for a couple of months. It happens.

And it isn't just our routines and our social calendars that change when we fall in love. Even our personalities can shift and bend, depending on the type of person we are and the type of relationship we happen to be in.

It's considered bad form to "change" for another person, but the undeniable truth of the matter is that we all change a little bit when we meet someone new and fall in love, if only because we want to be the best possible version of ourselves for them.

Of course, that's the best case scenario. Sometimes, our personalities can change for the worse when we fall in love, too.

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This visual personality test helps you find out how your personality changes when you fall in love.

Here's all you have to do. Look at the image below and pay close attention to the first image that catches your eye.

Next, scroll down and find out what your interpretation of the optical illusions in this personality reveals about who you really are and how your dominant character traits change when you fall in love.

If you saw...

1. The painter and his subject

If you saw the painter and his subject first when you looked at this image, when you fall in love, your personality becomes laser-focused on the object of your affection.

When you aren't in love, you spend your time getting to know every single person you meet. You can't help yourself.

You love making connections with other people.

But when love arrives on the scene, you reserve all of that energy you usually spread out for just one person — your love! That's awesome and sweet and lovely, but it's also a lot of pressure.

Keep that in mind as you go about being so utterly and all-consumingly adoring.

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2. The face of the man with no mustache

If you saw the face of the man with no mustache first when you looked at this image, when you fall in love, you become much more serious and introspective.

It's not that you aren't capable of seriousness when you're single, it's just not something that you lean towards naturally. Being in a relationship gives you the freedom to sit with yourself and experience your emotions more honestly.

Remember, while it's good to have moments of repose and solitude, you risk confusing your partner if you turn from being the life of the party into the human embodiment of The Thinker.

Everything should be within moderation. Moderation is key.

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3. The woman next to a tree

If you saw the woman next to a tree first when you looked at this image, when you fall in love, you see the sensual in everything.

Sure, you've always loved the way silk feels beneath your fingers, but now you're doing stuff like writing entire Facebook posts about the sensation, and it's kind of freaking everyone out!

I'm kidding... a little. It's important to embrace your sensuality, as it's a huge part of the human experience, but that being said, sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar.

Keep that in mind before you get too excited about the smell of your newest shampoo, okay?

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4. The face of the man with a mustache.

If you saw the face of the man with a mustache first when you looked at this image, when you fall in love, you quickly become a homebody. 

When you aren't in love, you are a truly rootless being. Wherever you happen to be in any given moment, that's home, because for you, home is a just a place to leave your dirty laundry. The real excitement in life happens everywhere else!

It's awesome that being in love gives you a new awareness of the importance of family and home as the center of your life, but don't forget that you should still leave the house sometimes, too!

Long before you could Netflix and chill, people went for walks on the beach for plenty of good reasons.

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5. The houses

If you saw the houses first when you looked at this image, you become much more focused on the future when you're in love.

You've never been a planner, it's just not in your nature... or so you think until you fall in love. Now, your favorite question to ponder over is, "What is your ten year plan?"

Heck, you might even take some time to create a powerpoint presentation for folks about it. It's awesome when falling in love helps you get your other life priorities straight.

People will notice the change and it might annoy you, but who cares? You're the one with love in your life and a future you're excited about!

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6. The musical instrument

If you saw the musical instrument first when you looked at this image, you become more much creative when you fall in love.

You can't draw. You can't sew. You hate going to museums. You just aren't an artistic person — not that you don't respect those who are, it's just never been your thing.

Only now, you're in love and doing things like appreciating performance art and taking up needlepoint.

When love opens up another facet of your personality, it's an absolutely amazing thing. Love is supposed to transform us. That's how we know it's real! Continue this exciting journey with an open heart.

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