Unmarried Woman Says Husbands Don't Need To Ask Permission To Spend Money — 'True Submission Is Giving Him Complete Control’

"Your husband isn't supposed to ask your permission, your husband can do whatever he wants with the money."

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A woman has caused quite a stir after insisting that "truly feminine wives" should allow their husbands to take on a more traditional role in a marriage, including finances. 

In a clip from the "Just Pearly Things" podcast, host Hannah Pearl Davis admitted that she believes women should allow their husbands to have full control over certain aspects of a marriage instead of adopting the mindset that they can control their husbands.


Davis said that husbands don't need to ask permission to spend money.

"Your husband isn't supposed to ask your permission; your husband can do whatever he wants with the money," Davis remarked. She explained that "truly feminine wives" wouldn't get upset with her opinion because so few of them exist in today's society. As Davis has observed, most wives today don't take on the traditional role at all.

She continued, arguing that women who are truly housewives and obey their husbands want them to come home and take care of everything without having to lift a finger of their own. To Davis, she noticed that this is not the reputation of wives today.




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"Those women have had an extremely hard time because their friends would shame them. Their friends don't get it. So when I say that's the generation of [expletive] wives, they don't get mad. They say, 'I know because I've been alone.' They are lonely."

Davis acknowledged that being a traditional wife is quite a lonely experience because most women don't understand it and disagree with that kind of lifestyle. They believe these traditional wives are being controlled, but Davis heavily disagrees. 


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She argued that husbands shouldn't have to ask permission and can do whatever they want with the money they earn. True submission, according to Davis, is giving your husband complete control and not trying to control him.

"If we can't even agree that that is the aim, then the next generation is going to be even [worse]."


Allowing your husband complete financial control is just reinforcing the ideas of outdated gender roles.

If a woman chooses to be a traditional wife, then by all means, do what you want. But to insist that the outdated ways of conventional marriages are how all women should enter a commitment is to disregard the diverse range of preferences, values, and aspirations that women hold.

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Each individual, man or woman, should be free to define their relationship dynamics based on mutual respect, consent, and equality. When it comes to finances in a marriage, neither person should be required to "ask permission." Still, when it comes to big purchases or spending copious amounts of money, honest and respectful conversations should be had to ensure neither party is spending more than they can afford. 

Marriage is a partnership, and each individual should have an equal voice, no matter what.


In response to Davis' video, a content creator named Olivia Julianna pointed out the humorous fact that Davis wasn't even married. So, an unmarried woman advising about marriage and what wives should do seems presumptuous and lacking in firsthand experience.



"Well, your husband can't really do anything because you don't have one, so..." Julianna said, pulling up a screenshot of Davis' marital status, which didn't exist, and how she didn't have any children either.

This outdated and frankly misogynistic idea that husbands don't need permission to spend money often stems from the belief that men inherently have ownership and control over family finances. Women should not question or challenge their decisions because they are the "heads of the household" and bring in money. Unfortunately, this is how many women end up in financially abusive relationships.


Advocating and spreading the message that wives should just sit back and let their husbands make all of the financial decisions denies women the right to participate in the first place, and then the cycle of subjection is allowed to flourish and continue. 

Instead, women should be encouraged to speak up for themselves, and if their husbands don't listen, they shouldn't feel guilty about finding someone who will.

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