Stay-At-Home Mom Claims She's Raising Her Daughter To Become A 'Traditional Wife' Who 'Depends On A Man'

She explained that a more traditional lifestyle is something she wants for her daughter.

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A mother has admitted that she wants her daughter to learn all of the traditional aspects of motherhood and is choosing to teach her about it at home. Jasmine Dinis is a stay-at-home mother and proud "trad wife" — short for "traditional wife," a term that is taking over TikTok as many women admit to wanting to follow a more nuclear family code.

For Dinis, she revealed that this lifestyle was something she wanted to pass on to her daughter.


She is teaching her daughter to be a 'traditional wife' who 'depends on a man.'

Dinis' controversial take has garnered a slew of criticism, which was amplified in a recent video that she posted of her and her daughter.

In the 11-second clip, Dinis admitted that she wasn't someone who followed a progressive lifestyle and preferred to be a stay-at-home mother who dedicated her life to her children and husband. She confessed to wanting the same for her daughter.



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"I'm teaching my daughter that it's perfectly acceptable to depend on a man. Being a homemaker is the number one career she should strive for, and that serving her husband and bearing children will be her greatest joy," Dinis said.

In the caption of the video, Dinis explained that she refused to be the type of mother who taught her daughter the value of being independent. She claimed that "in a world" of mothers "teaching their children that their only goal is to go to university, get a good job, and make money, I’m teaching my little girl to live a slow life." 

"To be a biblical woman that wants a husband & a beautiful family that she can serve daily. That joy comes from God & family, not from a career," she added. The Australian-based mother was vocal on her platform about finding joy in moving away from being an "independent, career-driven woman" to a "housewife that bakes sourdough."



People in the comments section disagreed intensely with the lessons that Dinis chose to teach her daughter. One TikTok user wrote, "My mum did this. Now she cries because she wants to be independent but can’t because she’s only qualified to be a cleaner but can’t do that due to health issues."


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Even a traditional wife should have a well-rounded education.

There's nothing wrong with Dinis' desire to be a stay-at-home mother who dedicates her entire life to raising her children. The journey of motherhood is unique for each woman and no one should be shamed for the lifestyle they choose to live.

However, the issue comes in when traditionalists start shaming women who want a more progressive life filled with education and independence. There is more to womanhood than being a mother and a devoted wife and not every person wants to follow a traditional path.



As the mother of a little girl, I feel strongly that they should be allowed to decide their own path and those traditional values should never be forced onto them.


The beauty of being a woman lies in the freedom that we have to make our way in this world. Whether it aligns in a traditional or progressive sense, is up to you, but that decision should never be the model for anyone who doesn't want them personally. Women are diverse and their goals, dreams, and aspirations are something to be nurtured and accepted.

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