Trial Attorney Shares 3 Things To Say To A Liar

No one enjoys being lied to, but when you know how to respond you can put the ball in your own court.

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Have you ever been mid-conversation with someone and knew they were lying? If you have, then you understand just how frustrating and upsetting it can be to be lied to constantly.

Even more, knowing how to respond to someone's obvious lie can be tricky. I mean, should you walk away, call them out, or simply let things go?

Luckily, trial attorney Jefferson Fisher gives us some helpful insight on what to say when someone is clearly lying to you.


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Trial Attorney Shares 3 Things To Say To A Liar

1. "I need to come back to this conversation."

Have someone that's not being completely honest with you? Take a moment to yourself before replying. By taking a second to yourself it gives you time to gather your thoughts.


After you've taken some time, respond with, "I need to come back to this conversation."

Fisher explains, "If they're telling the truth not gonna be a problem. But if they're not it's going to eat them alive."

If they're lying they'll begin asking you loads of questions to figure out what you're thinking. In reality, they're asking these questions to craft and align your suspicions with their narrative, says Fisher.

2. "Something feels off."

The best thing to do when you catch someone lying to you is to point out that something feels off. "If they're telling you the truth they'll accept it and say okay what feels off," says Fisher.

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However, if they're lying then they'll likely have a huge overreaction. This person will call you insane and try to gaslight you into doubting yourself. The truth is, they'll do anything to throw you off and make you question your reality.

This is why you need to stay in control. Keep your cool and repeat the phrase. And remember, when you allow your emotions to get the best of you, then you're letting the other person win.

3. Nothing.

Sometimes it's best to simply remain silent. By saying nothing you can process what they're saying and pay attention to what they're going to say.


Fisher explains, "Liars will start to talk to themselves."

A liar might say they'd never do something like that and look to you to help validate themselves. But the longer you keep quiet the more flustered they'll get, and they won't understand why you aren't taking their bait.

Fisher ends with, "So, the less you say the more control you have."

Sometimes, we catch people in a lie and aren't sure how to respond. We don't know if we should say something or how to call out their bluff.

However, asking these questions is the best way to figure out if someone is manipulating you. And it's the best way to catch a liar red-handed.


And if you're not up for saying these sentences, sometimes staying silent with a blank stare is truly the best most effective response.

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