Trial Attorney Explains How To Win Against A Narcissist

Managing your own mindset is a key factor in winning against a narcissist.

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Dealing with a narcissistic person, whether it's a friend, coworker, or family member, can be incredibly challenging.

They always try to talk over you and make themselves look good while making you feel small. So, how do we outsmart a narcissist when it feels like we can never win against them?

Trial attorney Jefferson Fisher has some tricks up his sleeve that can help you win against any narcissist.


How To Win Against A Narcissist

1. Realize that winning has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you.

Winning isn't about checkmate or having an "I got you" moment, Fisher explains. It's not about getting them to acknowledge your worth or apologize for their mistakes.


Winning is about knowing your self-worth. It's about claiming your identity back.

"Winning is all about you," says Fisher. And you're the only thing needed to win because you are enough.

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2. Understand that you already have all that you need.

Ask yourself what you admire about this person. Is it their radiant self-confidence or how kind they appear? Maybe it's their charm and intelligence. The way that they always know what to say.

However, once you figure that out, take a moment to look inside yourself. You might realize that all the things you admire about this person are qualities inside of you.


You have the potential to be all those things and more, and guess what? Your narcissist knows this too.

Fisher explains, "Because these narcissists their manipulators and they'll take qualities that they like about you and project them right back."

This is why people have a difficult time letting go of narcissists. Because they can resonate with their narcissist. And they do this on purpose to keep you ensnared in their web.

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3. Don't let go of who you are.

"Once you do find yourself hold onto that person and don't let go," says Fisher. Never lose yourself again, and don't sacrifice your peace of mind for anyone else.

However, what if you can't find yourself? Where do you begin?

Clinical psychologist Dr. Emma Medard recommends tuning into your emotions and how you're feeling. Keep a journal and track these feelings daily.

She also advises us to let go of our self-criticism. Medard explains, "When we are feeling lost we need care and kindness to find our way through not judgment and criticism."

Finally, try reflecting on your choices and influences. Look at your past decisions and question why you made them.


Did a loved one influence you? Did it impact you positively or negatively? Did anyone's expectations affect you in any way?

Medard continues, "What are you looking to keep and what would you like to let go of?"

By thinking about these questions and shifting your mindset, you'll have an easier time winning an argument against a narcissist.


Remember, it's not just about what you say; changing how you think and act is key to beating any narcissist.

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