Train Passenger Talks On Speaker Phone For 2 Hours Before Taking Off Her Shoes & Resting Her Bare Feet On A Man's Seat

Even the train conductor got involved and asked her to stop.

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A woman was left “raging” after a distressing train ride, all thanks to one unruly passenger who didn't understand or care about public transportation etiquette. 

The 'rude' passenger spoke loudly on speakerphone for 2 hours before placing her bare feet on another passenger’s seat. 

Sharing her bewildering experience on the U.K.-based parenting forum, Mumsnet, the woman revealed that she and her husband were returning home from a trip and opted to take the train. 


Unfortunately, they were seated next to a woman who made the entire 2-hour journey every frequent traveler’s worst nightmare. 

The woman said that from the moment the passenger boarded the train, she began talking on her phone on speaker mode loud enough for several of the nearby passengers to overhear. “Get some ear pods or just speak on the phone like a normal person!!?? Why are people so rude!!?” the woman wrote. 

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The passenger talked on the phone for the entirety of the trip, but her outrageous behavior did not end there. 

“Then she takes her trainers off and puts her feet across the aisle, resting her feet on my husband's seat,” the woman shared. 

Before she could ask the passenger to remove her feet, the train conductor passed through and instructed her to do so since she was blocking the aisle. However, not even 10 minutes later, the woman resumed her position.

Most people online agreed that the passenger’s behavior was appalling and went against public transportation etiquette. 

“Speaking on the phone without using headphones is absurd,” one Mumsnet user commented.


“I would have embarrassed her by loudly asking her to move her feet because they smell,” another user admitted. 

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Others believed that the woman should have politely asked the passenger to lower her voice or to take her feet off her husband’s seat immediately after she put them there. 


They also suggested the next time she experiences a similar situation to alert the conductor sooner so she can enjoy some of her trip. 

While using public transportation, it is important to be mindful of others who may be trying to work, get some rest, and are attempting to have a peaceful trip. 

They could be attempting to make a work deadline before arriving at their destination, or maybe they spent the night before traveling and need some sleep. Either way, talking on the phone, especially on speaker, can distract other passengers trying to work, relax, or engage in their own conversations. 

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The same applies to removing your shoes or other articles of clothing within the proximity of other passengers. No one wants your bare, smelly feet up against their seat in an already crowded space. 

While it is acceptable to do as you please in the privacy of your own vehicle, you must remember that public transportation is for the public — not just you. 

Be respectful, mindful, considerate, and keep your shoes on! 


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