The Top 5 Most Attractive Nationalities, According To Research

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One day, the town where I live (Glendale, California) will have Kim Kardashian as its mayor. It doesn't matter that our mayor isn't elected by a general election — if Kim wants it, she'll probably get it.

You may wonder why in the world someone as successful and fabulous as Kim would want to be mayor of a town (ten minutes from downtown Los Angeles) anyway. I'm guessing it's because Glendale has the largest population of Armenians outside of Armenia. There's even an entry in Urban Dictionary about it.

A 2015 study put out by the travel dating website MissTravel found that the most attractive nationality for women is Armenian and for men, Irish.​ 

MissTravel surveyed its American users and found this very important data. Men are going to like what they like, we shouldn't be surprised.

Do people from other countries have the same preferences? Do they view themselves as high on the list as American users do?

Here are the most attractive nationalities for women, based on the preferences of 44,873 American men.

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The top 5 most attractive nationalities of women, according to researchers:

1. Armenian 

Like the Kardashian sisters.

2.  Barbadian/Bajan

Like Rihanna.

3. American

Like Carrie Underwood.

4. Colombian

Like Sofia Vergara

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5. English

Like Kate Middleton,

And here are the most attractive nationalities for men, based on the dating preferences of 66,309 American women.

Do you and your friends have the same type when it comes to men? What is it about these nationalities that inspire such attraction? Is it the accents? The way they treat the women in their culture?

It seems like all women can agree on the same type. They want a man who is taller and strong but looks like he knows how to be sensitive and kind. Maybe I'm just projecting.

Here are the top 5 most attractive nationalities of men, according to researchers:

1. Irish

Like Jamie Dornan.

2. Australian

Like Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

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3. Pakistani

Like Zayn Malik.

4. American

Like Nev Schulman.

5. English

Like Idris Elba.

Kim Kardashian is hugely popular and beautiful, so it's no wonder Armenian women topped the list of the most attractive nationalities for women.

And it also seems obvious that Irish guys (while lovely) got a boost from the very attractive Jamie Dornan from Fifty Shades of Grey, I mean who doesn't love that accent? And you have a higher chance of getting lucky if you know what I mean.

Are any of these people your celebrity crush? Did you know the nationality of some of these actors? 

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