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A Toddler Who Has Never Seen Her Parents' True Faces Reacts To Seeing Them For The First Time

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mom and daughter looking at glasses in store

The gift of sight is something that is easily taken for granted. Being able to look at your loved ones and memorize their faces is something that is often done without thought. But, for some, it’s not so simple.

One toddler named Caydan knows this all too well. Caydan was diagnosed with achromatopsia, a medical condition that made it difficult to see.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, achromatopsia mainly affects a person’s ability to see color, but can also cause “serious vision issues.” 

Caydan received a special gift and was able to see her parents for the first time.

Because of Caydan’s achromatopsia, she was not able to see properly. For the first part of her young life, she never saw her parents’ faces as they really were. All of that changed when she got a pair of specialized glasses.

Caydan’s mother Michelle, who goes by @mishyz on TikTok, shared a video of Caydan trying on her new glasses for the first time. After fitting them over Caydan’s head, Michelle stepped back so Caydan could get a good look at her and her father.

The little girl’s face broke into a huge smile as she excitedly bounced up and down in her seat, clapping and squealing. 



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The reaction was heartwarming and reminded viewers of just how precious the gift of sight is. 

One TikTok user commented on the video and pointed out “the pure unadulterated joy of sight.” Another user shared her similar personal experience: “Our baby has bilateral hearing loss and it was so amazing when she had her hearing aids fitted and could hear us clearly! This is so precious!”

Clearly, it is something truly special to be able to see or hear your family. These gifts are easily overlooked, but they mean so much.

Others with achromatopsia are doing what they can to spread awareness.

Natasha Caudill, who goes by the username @natashac44 on TikTok, gave viewers a glimpse of what life is like with achromatopsia when she shared a video that showed Las Vegas as she sees it. Caudill said, “I have been completely colorblind, as well as day-blind, since birth. I only see in black and white and have extreme light sensitivity.”



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One person who commented on Caudill’s video summed up what she shared perfectly when they said, “So it’s like [your] eyes overexpose everything [you] see outside,” which Caudill confirmed was accurate.

The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus stated that achromatopsia “affects approximately one in 30,000 live births.” It is caused by a disorder of the genes and is more common in some geographic locations. While there is no cure, there are things that can make life with achromatopsia easier, like glasses and aids that help one see color.



Although she lives with a rare medical condition that her mother says makes her color blind and gives her low vision and light sensitivity, Caydan still lives her best life. According to her mom, Michelle, “Despite challenges with her vision, Caydan amazes us every day with how expressive she is and how she adapts and uses her other senses to navigate her world.” 

Caydan is proof that you don’t have to let challenges define who you are or set you back. She also serves as a reminder of what is truly important. In a world so caught up with the materialistic, everyone could use a reminder that it’s the little things, like seeing a parent's smile, that mean the most.

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