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10 Tiny Ways To Make Sure Your Dog Knows You Love Them — In A Language They Can Understand

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Dog owners know there’s no better moment than opening the front door to be greeted by the happiest dog in the world, who’s so excited you came home. Whenever they nuzzle their wet noses into your neck or cover you with slobbery kisses, your dog is telling you that they love you. 

The best thing we can do for our closest canine companions is to let them know how much we care, in a way they understand.

Here are 10 tiny ways to make sure your dog knows you love them:

1. Use facial expressions

Dogs are highly attuned to their human’s emotional state. They can tell how we feel, just by looking at our faces. 

According to the RSPCA, dogs can distinguish between neutral expressions, angry expressions, and happy expressions. So, smile at your furry bestie to let them know just how happy you are that they chose you.



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2. Have a conversation

Not only can dogs read our facial expressions, but they can also understand our tone of voice. The RSPCA references studies that have shown that dogs interpret our tone using different parts of their brains.

Dogs use the right side of their brains to process voices with negative emotion and the left side of their brains for positively emotive voices. They also differentiate between what we’re saying and how we’re saying it, which means they interpret language much like humans do.

Do your dog a solid and talk to them! Narrate what you’re doing, whether it’s making them a delicious meal, taking them on a walk, or just letting them know how much you love them.

3. Take naps together

Dogs are pack animals, which means that once they learn to trust you, you’re part of their pack. When your pup cuddles up beside you on the couch, they’re letting you know how safe they feel around you. Sleeping puts them in a vulnerable position, but sleeping next to you makes them feel loved.

10 Tiny Ways To Make Sure Your Dog Knows You Love Them Photo: Christian Domingues / Pexels 

Take time out of your day to snuggle with your fur baby. Snoozing with your best bud is a great way to let them know how much you care.

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4. Use training to bond

Deepen the connection you have with your dog by teaching them a new trick.

Dogs are smart and curious creatures, and they love to complete tasks and learn new things. Training is a great way to communicate to your dog just how important they are to you. 



Implement a mini-training schedule, and don’t forget to shower your pup with praise.

5. Ditch the distractions

Dogs are highly intuitive animals, and they know when we’re distracted. Do them — and yourself — a major favor by putting away your phone for a while, and showering them with love and affection.

Not only will it make your dog happy to receive all that love, but it also gives you a much-needed break from being perpetually online.

6. Make eye contact

Looking your doggo in the eye and holding their gaze is a great way to enhance connection. Because dogs can understand our facial expressions, making direct yet soft eye contact is a way to communicate the deep levels of your love non-verbally.

7. Pet their ears

Studies have shown that when dogs and humans interact through gentle touch, oxytocin levels in both increases. Oxytocin is known as the “feel good” chemical and petting your puppers gives both you and them a major boost of feeling good. 



Dogs’ ears, especially, have a high number of feeling receptors, so giving them an extra, sweet scritch tells your dog you truly care.

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8. Give them space

Our dogs love us, and we love our dogs, yet all relationships need a little space to stay fresh. If your dog gets up and goes into the other room, don’t feel hurt! It’s just their way of having some alone time.

Setting up a special puppy-only section of your home can encourage your dog to take space when they need it. Whether it’s a crate full of plush stuffies and soft blankies, or a designated pillow in the living room, give your dog a room of their own, to cultivate their sense of independence.

10 Tiny Ways To Make Sure Your Dog Knows You Love Them Photo: Andrew Neel / Pexels 

9. Go for walks

Has there ever been a dog that’s said “no” to a walk? If your dog perks up the minute you put your shoes on, this means they love, love, love being in the great outdoors with you, their best friend and puppy parent.

Giving your dog extra time on walks to sniff and explore strengthens their mental acuity and offers them time to have so much fun, smelling all the smells. 

10. Protect your pup

When you welcome a dog into your home, you become responsible for their well-being. This means general care and feeding, but also, learning what their fears and anxieties are, and making them feel safe.

If you know your dog is scared of thunder, make sure you offer them extra comfort during storms. Your dog works hard to protect you, make sure you return the favor and make your home a safe space for them.

Dogs might just understand us better than we understand them.

Dogs have complex communication skills that allow them to convey messages and emotions to all different living things. We, on the other hand, are still learning! But through our furry friend connections, we find common ground and let each other know just how much we mean to each other.



Live your best dog-loving life and let your dog know that they mean the world to you, in ways they understand: Touch, talk, and time together.

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