10 Tiny Ways To Make Your Life Simpler & Easier

There's immense power in simplifying your life.

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Many of us are overwhelmed with all the stuff. The stuff. Stuff everywhere. Things. Life gets easier when there’s less to think about and less to manage logistically. So, how do we simplify and live minimally? It doesn’t mean you need to live like a monk, but there are ways to embody a more streamlined approach to living.

Here are 10 tiny ways to make your life simpler & easier:

1. Forget multitasking

Become a pro at single-tasking. Do one thing at a time without distractions, and I mean no distractions. Get rid of your phone while working. In whatever you’re doing, go all in with all your attention. This one thing will set you apart, making you more handsome, and life far more effective and enjoyable.


2. Hire out stuff you want to avoid doing

Most of us grind through the day working on tasks we dislike while forgoing time spent on things that are far better suited to us and our strengths. It’s not a loss to pay someone to help you if it means creating more time for higher-value activities that ultimately earn you more.



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3. Be obsessed with essentials

It’s easy to allow life to muddy our priorities. As the days go on, we say "yes, please" to more and more stuff, often without realizing how much we’re weighed down by taking on too much. Chill for a second and say "no." Regularly reevaluate your priorities and ruthlessly cut everything non-essential.

4. Own fewer clothes

I mean owning less. Clothes can become an unruly amorphous organism living in our wardrobes. We buy more and more and don’t even use all of it. Clothes and shoes take up space, mental bandwidth, and time spent deciding on what to wear, cleaning, and processing. Be a person who owns less. Make life simple by keeping a minimal capsule wardrobe.

5. Cut things that drain your energy

A super-helpful part of my month is running an "energy audit." I list everything that both drained and boosted my energy over the month, splitting it into two columns. This clarifies what to actively cut out and what’s worth keeping or amplifying.

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6. Eat the same healthy items every day

It’s a lie perpetuated by a confused society that we need a diverse and colorful menu of meals and snacks daily. We can enjoy a food explosion occasionally at a restaurant, but our dining experience needn’t be crazy. Eat the same unprocessed meals daily, and you will feel better and spend less time preparing.

7. Faze out screen time

While most people’s screen time spirals upward, you can buck the trend, step outside the Metaverse, and experience a better life. It’s a known fact that screen stimulation is frying your dopamine sensors, making it harder to be motivated. Gradually replace high-stimulation screen time with real-world activities like creating, conversations, and reading books. This will help you return to your natural levels of motivation.



8. Do ‘boring’ yet vital tasks 

I write an article every day. On its own such output seems inconsequential. But string 300 daily articles together, and life looks different. Have several projects going on if you want, but keep an eye on the one or two absolute daily essentials that drive opportunities. Do the "boring" stuff that most refuse every day, and you will surge ahead.


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9. Become 'quick-draw location-independent'

Can you leave where you live at short notice and be able to carry all your belongings on your person? It’s not possible for many, and you may have no interest in this. But we live in a chaotic world, whereby those who have the flexibility to move quickly and travel light have a tremendous advantage. Being location-flexible means you’re forced to think hard about what belongings need to go so you can stay nimble (with minimized stress).

10. Stop chasing novelty

The need to have and experience novelty is not only continually crammed down our throats, but it’s becoming more of a possibility for more of us. We can do and be and have everything we want. But is it adding to your life, truly? Some novelty is great, but when you bring awareness into your day, you might realize that much is to be gained by making fewer commitments to fewer things (and people). Do more with less. Become a better steward of the few things you have instead of spreading yourself about like cream cheese. More singular focus and attention mean more impact and joy.


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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.