13 'Unreasonable' Challenges That Will Set You Apart From 98% Of People

We experience growth through challenge.

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This post is not for the faint of heart. But it is for those of you who enjoy the game and are willing to stick your neck out and do something a little far out to create opportunities. It’s about enjoying yourself and challenging yourself. This is the kind of thing that keeps me going.

We experience growth through challenge. With growth, we realize confidence. With confidence, we become bolder and attract more opportunities. Ever since I set myself the challenge of talking to strangers in the street for a month straight to overcome anxiety, I’ve been hooked on these kinds of challenges. If you’re in a slump, likely, you aren’t challenging yourself.


Here are 13 'unreasonable’ challenges that will set you apart from most people:

1. Speak to a live audience.

Speak on some kind of live podcast, stream, YouTube Live, podcast interview, or Twitter space every day for the next thirty days.

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2. Write an article every day.

Write and publish on Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, or elsewhere for thirty days straight. No ifs, no buts. Then do it for 90 days. You’re developing the muscle of shipping no matter what. Bonus points for sharing things that make you nervous to share.


13 Unreasonable Challenges You Can Do That Will Set You Apart So You Create Insane OpportunitiesPhoto: fizkes / Shutterstock

3. Run a free Zoom workshop.

Especially if you get nervous speaking in front of people. Or charge for it. Figure out a problem you can help with and set it up.

4. Join a class or group you would not normally join.

Last year I signed up for a winter mountaineering course in the Polish mountains. I was far out of my comfort zone but it was one of the best things I’ve done.


5. Read a book a week for a year.

Finally — an excuse to read the books on your neglected list. Turn it into something. Maybe you can share your summary notes on your website?

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6. Travel solo.

I know — some of you express safety concerns. But the world is not nearly as dangerous as we think. Book a flight and go somewhere that’s a bit of a stretch for you. Open your veins to adventure again.

7. Go on a date.

Yes, modern online dating is a crap show, and it’s nearly impossible to land dates with ideal people. But see this as an opportunity to stretch yourself. Have zero expectations. Just do it for your social muscle. Bonus if you connect with someone cool.


8. Quit a significant vice for at least a month, or go without it for good.

Yes, I know you needed a post like this to give you permission and the push you needed to quit. Sometimes that’s all it takes. See this as a sign. Ditch the weed. Drop the alcohol. No more porn ever again. Cold turkey. You don’t need that crap in your life and you know it. This is your time.   

9. Try the social fear challenge

Talk to strangers in the street every day for the next month to develop your confidence and diminish your fear of rejection.

10. Do a week-long dopamine fast.

Dopamine addiction is frying your receptors and making you numb to life. It’s time for a reset. No films, video games, social media scrolling, or screens. It’s up to you how far you want to take it.



11. Start the dream project you gave up on.

You know what that is. That online business. That art passion. That bucket list item. That book you were meaning to write. Draw a line in the sand right now and say this is happening. I am putting my dreams first for a change. Devise a plan today to ensure this thing happens.


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12. Reach out to 10 potential clients every day for the next month.

Boost your prospecting activities to boost the number of times your business offer gets seen by those you want to work with.

13. Walk at least 12,000 steps every day for the next month.

No excuses. Studies show that when you walk 8,000 steps per day, you reduce the risk of dying from various common diseases by 51%. When you increase this to 12,000 per day, you decrease the risk by 65%. It’s time for walkies.


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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.