10 Tiny Habits That Will Make You More Peaceful Than 98% Of People

Finding your peace starts with changing your behavior.

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Here are 10 tiny habits that will make you more peaceful than 98% of people:

1. Slow down a fraction.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: slowing down makes life easier and thus more enjoyable.

This doesn’t mean pottering along like a sad little tortoise.

I mean going fractionally slower so that you can view life in full 4K, not black and white like everyone else.

In a world where everyone is rushing around, this gives you a wicked advantage.


Ten small behaviour shifts that will raise your mood by 93% (I’m not kidding)

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2. Be goofy.

Most of us shuffle around, wondering why life’s so hard. 

You gotta be loose and fun to experience a looser, funner life. The reason people are all serious around you is because of you.

You created this reality.


Create a fun frame, and people will leap into it.

3. Take three slow breaths.

After me…and breathe. Don’t rush this bit.

Five seconds in through the nose, then five seconds out.

Do this three times, then drop to your knees, and scream to the sky.

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4. Welcome instant happiness.

Most of us mope around like we lost a winning lottery ticket because we’ve been hypnotized into thinking that feeling good takes time.

If I could just have things in this exact order, just the way I want it and the wife isn’t giving me the silent treatment…then I’ll be happy, we murmur.

Great — now you’re deferring your happiness to a future that doesn’t yet exist. Your joy springs out of the NOW and the NOW only.


Ten small behaviour shifts that will raise your mood by 93% (I’m not kidding)

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5. Smile from the inside.

Try this: gradually allow a smile to erupt from within you — growing ever-brighter.

Do this to electrify every fiber in you. Walk around with an inner grin, and your authentic smile will come without effort.

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6. Say NO to one energy drain.

Next time you plan on stuffing your face with jelly doughnuts when you feel low, say this: ‘Hey buddy — don’t do it.

We got this.’ We win when we can turn away from temptations and vices and be present instead.

We are immediately rewarded with energy and a lifted mood. Exert some control over those things you know are bad for you.

Taking responsibility like an adult will lift you.

7. Play air guitar.

Before you step out of the house, adopt a wide stance, lean back, and do your best Jimi Hendrix impression.

Sound effects are optional. You may at this point think that I’m winding you up. You’re only partly correct.


The critical point I’m making here is that you always have a choice regardless of how ugly life is for you right now.

Are you a slave to the perceived ‘seriousness’ of your life — or are you free?

Ten small behaviour shifts that will raise your mood by 93% (I’m not kidding)

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8. Awaken your dragon.

Drake the dragon is snoring out smoke rings somewhere in the darkest corner of your psyche.


He’s asleep because he’s bored. You keep ignoring him because you believe that aggression is rude and naughty and should be suppressed.

Get aggressive for a change.

Awaken Drake, decide to be strong today, and unleash chaos.

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9. Be slow to speak.

Several good things happen when we close our mouths: We breathe through our noses, which has been proven to improve oxygen intake (and even posture).


We eat less and take back control over comfort eating. Fasting also gives you energy because your body has finally stopped working to digest what you’ve been eating.

Talking less prompts us to demonstrate our worth through action. When we show what we’re capable of, instead of telling everyone, things start to happen, and we turn heads.

10. Make someone feel better.

The secret to joyful living is this: we make ourselves miserable thinking that others should make us happy. Stop.

People will do what they do no matter what — great or bad. Your happiness is rooted in you forgetting yourself, getting out there, and making someone else feel happy.


Do it now. Message someone and tell them they rule.

Now you’re lifted, and this is precisely the state you need to be in.

Ten small behaviour shifts that will raise your mood by 93% (I’m not kidding)

Photo: Alena Darmel/Pexels

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.