5 Tiny Changes That Will Make Your Life 10x More Enjoyable

We have the power to change our perspective and thus behavior instantly.

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I’ve always said that our life experience depends entirely on how we see things. When we change our perspective, our experience can instantly change. When we find ways to enjoy life, we have more energy, are more creative, enjoy other people more, and enjoy better health.

Below are some examples of how I apply this in my life and remind my clients to do the same.

Here are 5 tiny changes that will make your life 10X more enjoyable:

1. Make a game of it

Any dull work task can be made into a game. Just by deciding to play, it becomes fun. Time yourself to do it as fast as you can. Track your progress. Beat your personal best. Find a partner. How many cracked tiles do you count on your walk to work? Stop being a dull human.




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2. Find one beautiful thing in others

A quick way to misery is to see yourself as isolated and disconnected from other people. Instead of nurturing a judgemental habit, find things you like about people. Your heart will open, and you will see and feel our connection.


3. Decide to enjoy your reality, no matter what or how it is

Today, your task is to bring full enjoyment to an activity you usually dislike, like doing the dishes. You can enjoy it when you slow down and immerse yourself in a task. You will realize your power when you see that enjoyment is something that you deliver, not what the world gives you.

5 Tiny Changes That Make Your Life 10x More EnjoyablePhoto: Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock

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4. Choose to be curious about everything

Most of us experience life as dull because at some point we’ve said to ourselves: "OK, I’ve seen it all — there’s nothing else to see or find." Welcome to DullVille Central. Those who enjoy life see no end to the beauty in the small details; the paths not yet discovered; and how a city looks in a new light after the rain. You are an explorer.

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5. Develop a deeper relationship with your quiet voice

We have two voices. Our loud personal egoic voice — the one that’s usually calling you dumb and helps you plan stuff. There is another, less-known voice that is barely audible, but you can hear it when you are still, and your mind is at rest. You know this voice because it delivers insights when you least expect them. Life becomes more enjoyable when we connect with that little voice more often.

"Wisdom is available every day … if you can hear it." — Syd Banks

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.