4 Things Smart, Intuitive Women Do Every Day

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We live in an aggressive, even pushy, world. Getting things done, pursuing accomplishment, and completing the to-do list — are dominant themes drilled into our psyches. They are fine unto themselves, but they are not enough on their own.

Without inner awareness and connection, none of it matters. In other words, you make millions, travel internationally, own multiple houses, and take magnificent vacations, but in the end, if you are bereft of the peace that comes with an inner connection to your intuitive self, what have you really accomplished? What are you taking with you when your time is up?

By cultivating your intuition, you will always have a sense of what is going on and why. In a sense, you become spiritually invincible. It is intuition that will bring you peace, stability, and self-confidence.

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The ability to listen deeply to the stillness within must be nurtured. 

It requires mind training and willingness. Let’s start with a simple mind training technique:

1. Start by noticing that there is a gap between each thought and there is a gap between each breath.

You can begin the practice by focusing on either the breath or your thoughts. For instance, be aware that when you inhale, there is a momentary gap (space) before you exhale, and there is another space between the exhaled breath and the next inhale. That space or gap is your focal point.

2. Listen deeply to this stillness between breaths.

With practice, you can move your awareness into this stillness and sense an inner spaciousness. With practice and willingness, you will be able to do this whenever you want and eventually guidance will emerge within this space. That means you will get a feeling, a symbol, or a calming thought that addresses your current situation.

Achieving this subtle, intuitive state results from patience, openness, and practice. In time, you will be able to go to this space of stillness as you desire and be greeted with intuitive knowing.

To understand this development process, it is important to note the difference between your intuitive (feeling) mind and your rational (logical) mind. 

In order to recognize the difference, let’s examine what intuition is not.

Our world (and society) teach us to give great credence to the intellect — a compilation of what we have been taught by others and learned from books. Intellect is a great tool for determining an orderly process to get from here to there, but it is not intuition.

Intellect is left brain stuff. It deals with numbers and principles of logic. 1 + 2 = 3. It is deductive and works only with established facts. (The earth rotates at a certain angle to the sun and sunrise happens accordingly.) It reflects the world of form and structure and it is limited.

Intuition, on the other hand, is the right brain and creativity. It is the ability to know without words. It senses truth. It operates beyond time, space, and form and is thereby unlimited. It is the link to our higher self and has no boundaries.

With intuition, you take desires and bring them into material manifestation.

You know where to go to find the exact outfit you need for an event. You know which handyman or electrician to trust to do the required work.

You are led precisely to the right class to take, work to pursue, and business opportunity to seek. Your intuitive (feeling) mind goes into the energy of all possibilities and determines which way to fulfill your dreams and speaks to you in insights, revelations, and urges. It doesn’t say, “Put this on your to-do list,” or “You should do this.” It does say, “This would be fun; I would love doing this; this is what I want to do.”

Essentially intuition connects you to your playful, child quality. It is light-hearted. It may coax you from hard work to an activity of joy and playfulness. It is in this lighter energy that you connect with answers that do not come otherwise.

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Intuition synthesizes ideas in a flash. Scientists have formulated great discoveries in a moment using intuition, whereas endless research and study had gleaned no results. Madame Curie, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein are great examples. Each had intuitive flashes that quickly took their work beyond its original boundaries. Einstein and Edison consistently operated on a very high level of intuition. Both intentionally cultivated this ability.

The problem is that you can rationalize your intuitive urges and talk yourself out of action.

If you dedicate yourself to listening intuitively, you will develop a high regard for these inner urges and follow them unfailingly in the same manner as Einstein and Edison.

Thus, the main challenge is to learn how to pay attention to these impulses, flashes, and revelations because they will strengthen the more you follow them. It is much the same with any muscle in your body. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

4 Things Smart, Intuitive Women Do Every Day

1. They pay attention to the whispers in their mind.

These are feelings that come as subtle sensations and relate to what you want to do with your life. Also, note how you resist these whispers. You will discover that it takes more energy to hold back than it does to move forward.

Simply put, inspiration moves you forward. It shows you a better way. The universe speaks in urges, ideas, flashes of insight, and inspiration. Pay attention to feelings. This is how you connect to your intuitive self. Ask: What do I feel about this situation/person/opportunity?

2. They realize that when they're internally in conflict, they are going against their inner selves.

Note your feelings. You are being urged in another direction. Your intuition is constantly active, telling you what to do and guiding you to aliveness. By paying attention, you are open to energy. Choose peace by taking action to move forward.

3. They keep journals.

Make a practice of writing three to five pages as a free flow dump from your mind in the morning. You can do the same thing before bed. As you let your mind flow, gems of insight will surface, and ideas will proliferate. The process is incredibly freeing and connects you to your intuitive self.

4. They know that their bodies are the focal point of their intelligence.

Pay attention to the feelings in your body. We use the body-brain as an interpreter to eavesdrop on the universe. That is your intuition at work. Pay attention. Keep notes.

To help you become more intuitive, try this simple exercise today:

Right now, write down three things your mind has been whispering at you to do. These could be small or big things. Think of one step you could take toward each to bring it into your life.

Then do it. And don't forget to have fun along the way!

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Jean Walters is a St. Louis-based Transformational Coach, Akashic record reader, and teacher. You can reach her at her website,