7 Tiny Things The Most Stylish People Understand About How To Be Attractive

It's all about finding and incorporating your own, personal style.

Last updated on May 12, 2024

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For some people, being stylish and fashionably “in the know” comes second nature — these are the people who always seem to know what to wear and how to be more attractive just by choosing the right outfit. While others have to work hard at it, there are also some people who just never get it. But don't worry, because there's help for those of us who are fashionably challenged.

Here are 7 things the most stylish people understand about how to be attractive:

1. They know their style and taste

One of the most important lessons to learn about being stylish is that you still have to stay true to yourself. Copying a magazine or emulating someone else’s style just won’t do. You have to let yourself shine through. Find styles that you feel comfortable with, choose colors that compliment your complexion, and find the best cuts and styles for your figure.


Bringing your taste into the mix is what makes your fashion choices your style and not just a copycat of a mannequin, model, or magazine. After all, we’ve all probably experienced buying an exact outfit you’ve seen somewhere else and then not liking it at all. This is because your own personal flair and style must be mixed in with the trends and styles that are popular. Make it your own for the win!

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2. They don't live to be considered stylish

They aren’t always focused on being stylish or trendsetting. Instead, most stylish people look great because they love clothes and fashion. When you love something and it is your passion, it comes through above all else. The same goes for very stylish people. They just end up looking good and staying in fashion because they stay on top of the trends and just love fashion.

3. They aren't chained to fashion trends

This habit is similar to number two in that stylish people aren’t always thinking, “How can I be in fashion today”? The fashionable doesn’t just choose labels that are popular or wear what “everyone” else is wearing to look stylish. Instead, they just are stylish because of choosing their look and staying true to their own tastes while still loving fashion in general. However, if a trend comes around that just doesn’t match your taste, then skip that one and “On to the next,” as they say!

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4. They aren't copycats

By its definition, being stylish also means being a trendsetter. You can’t accomplish this by just copying every outfit or label that you see online on a fashion blog, in a magazine, in a store, or on a friend. The fashion-forward people take what they like most about the popular labels and trends and then blend it into their style.


5. They can shop at any store

Stylish people who know what their best looks are aren’t afraid to shop at any store. Just because a store isn’t known for being trendy or having the hottest fashion labels does not mean that you can’t find something at that store. Look for a style, design, or color you like, not a label or brand.

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6. They understand that a label or brand doesn't 'make' the fashion

Those who are known for being stylish aren’t slaves to fashion trends and they aren’t slaves to labels either. Everyone knows that brands can cost more and that there are always knock-offs that can help you achieve the same look for less. Since you want to have more choices in your wardrobe, buying on a budget can help you achieve that. The label is never necessary to look stylish.


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7. They always look less done-up than everyone else.

For the stylish, looking that way should come with little effort. No need to spend hours primping yourself to look picture-perfect. Life isn’t a magazine cover, so a loose scarf or a little tousled hair never hurt anyone’s style. If it looks like you tried too hard, that isn’t stylish at all then. Sometimes this can also be achieved by taking the alternate route. Try wearing a pair of sneakers instead of high heels or donning a pantsuit instead of a cocktail dress for your next party.

Following rules to be stylish goes against the whole idea of fashion. Most fashion came to be because of breaking the rules and standing out. When you truly love fashion, your style can come through, and you can feel comfortable and stylish in anything in your closet!


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