Student ‘Threatens’ Teacher After Being Accused Of Cheating For Getting A Perfect Score — ‘He’s Historically Failed With 20-30s’

“This kid is a repeat offender… but now he’s giving me super menacing vibes.”

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When kids are struggling in school, especially as adolescents, there are a number of underlying reasons why they might be falling behind. From personal health and familial problems to anxiety, it can be hard to truly understand why kids act the way they do.

So, when a teacher posted on Reddit about his experience with a troublesome student, commenters were conflicted over what the best path forward was — especially given he’d made threats towards him.


A teacher said he was ‘threatened’ by a student who allegedly cheated and got a perfect score on a test after failing in the class.

The teacher explained, "Yesterday, this student got 100% on the last exam, and he has historically failed with 20-30's for all 4 quarters." He continued, "I know that one of the students in class messaged him the answers — but I can't really prove it."

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Of course, cheating is not only a problem that burdens high school teachers, but educators of all students as they try to prioritize student learning instead of the standardized testing and curriculum-driven industry it has become. In tandem with AI-generated tools, technology accessibility, and switches from remote learning back to in-person, many students are struggling to prepare or even care about integrity-forward work.

“I saw him on the phone, and when I called him out, he started gaslighting me,” the teacher wrote. “I told him, your phone [is] in your right pocket — take it out and send it to student affairs. He complied, [but] came back with a note saying they got it, and said, ‘You're gonna regret that.'"

After the teacher reported him to administrators, the student threatened he’d be ‘fired’ after revealing a photo he had taken — ‘I know rumors spread.’

While most threats and passing jokes from high school students are nothing to sweat over, especially for a seasoned teacher, this one felt different, especially considering this student was described as "chill."

“Come today in class, and he [said], ‘So Mr..**** did they call you for a meeting today?’ I said 'no,' to which he replied, 'Well, after what I show them tomorrow [what I have] of you on my phone — I’m sure they're gonna fire you.'" Thinking it was a response over being called out for cheating, he tried to ignore the comment. “I ignored what he said and told him, 'If you wanna cheat — that’s fine with me, but, you’re gonna have to live with that.'"


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In the class that followed, he couldn’t help but notice the student glaring and laughing with others in the class — which was alarming in comparison to his typical detached and disconnected demeanor. “I’m not sure what he has or will make up…this kid is a repeat offender all year – pot head, and usually super chill.”

Although he boasts a relatively good relationship with administration, he can’t help but worry about the boundary at which students’ voices are valued over staff. Could a rumor take his job from him? Is it worth it to double-down on cheating when students are free to threaten or cause chaos in return?


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Commenters urged him to start ‘a paper trail’ to protect himself against a false rumor that might jeopardize his job.

While there’s a certain level of employment protection for teachers, the environment of a school district is often hyper-focused on student safety and parental input (despite being highly debated).

Many teachers have been forced from their positions in recent years due to clashes with students. This kind of forceful resignation in the face of disagreement is too common — and too easy for students to enact.

@iamsimplyysophie I try to pay close attention to behaviours and why they occur. Could be work related anxiety, could be peer anxiety. Look for patterns when they happen and see if you can work it out. Maybe they need movement breaks, maybe they need easier work. #adhd #autism #audhd #nd#neurodivergent #school ♬ original sound - Amanda Munro

Commenters encouraged this teacher to do everything he could to ensure his side of the story was well documented and escalated before the student had the chance to spread false rumors or make up a story. “Write him up each and every time he does something even remotely off-color,” one person argued. “You should never take threats like that lightly.”


Some tried to empathize with the student, arguing that he was clearly struggling and seeking attention. Experts argue that students who perform poorly in school — in addition to those with behavioral issues — are often dealing with emotional or mental issues, toxic family dynamics, or even learning disorders.

So, despite the clearly alarming and inappropriate behavior from this student, it’s important to consider both parties. How can this teacher safeguard his own job stability while also connecting his student with helpful resources? 

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