Student Found Out Her Acceptance To Her Dream College Was Revoked 11 Days Before Classes Started

She'll never forget the panic of that day — neither will her parents.

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People work for years to secure an acceptance at their dream college, piling up extracurriculars, studying incredibly hard, fine-tuning teacher references — the whole nine yards. When that college acceptance letter finally comes, nothing compares to the feeling. 

TikTok creator Avery Perkins recently shared her story of opening up that college acceptance letter. However, the weeks that followed were far from exciting after she got a strange notification in her student portal. What once was a feeling of pure excitement and bliss, turned to overwhelming panic. 


“I think I managed to age my parents about five years that day,” she admitted. 

Perkins was shocked to see her college acceptance revoked from her dream school just 11 days before classes started. 

“Eleven days before I was supposed to move to college,” she said, “I opened my student portal and saw the statement that my acceptance had been revoked. I burst into tears.”



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Perkins admitted she’d always been a great student, never getting into trouble, always aiming for good grades and being hyper-focused on her dream school. However, when she decided to wander through her student portal — as many soon-to-be-college students do — she was met with an alarming message from admissions. 

“I didn’t think that I’d ever done anything wrong… I didn’t know what dirt they’d found on me.” 

Just over a week before moving to college, Perkins got a notification about her revoked acceptance. 

Despite being a star student, she couldn’t help but immediately think the revoked acceptance was her fault. Of course, it would take a great deal of “bad things” for this student to truthfully get her acceptance pulled away — in fact, only about 1% to 2% of students get their admissions revoked by college administrators each year. The most common reasons are poor grades, honor code violations and disciplinary infractions prior to the start of classes — none of which this student had experienced. 

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Trying to wrap her head around the revocation, she enlisted the help of her parents to get a hold of the college. All three of them immediately started calling admissions only to realize that all the phones were busy throughout the day. 

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Unable to get through to the college, an unexpected connection decided to advocate for her. 

Despite their failure to get in touch with the college, Perkins' sister was able to contact her “sorority advisor” who worked at the school.

“Thank Goodness… she could basically be my advocate to admissions,” she said. 


Comments sympathized with Perkins, admitting that they’d have a “full-on breakdown” if they had to deal with this amidst the stress of actually moving to college. With the looming thought of saying goodbye, packing your things, and leaving your hometown behind, this was the last thing she needed. 

“The way that I would age 20 years in 20 minutes — then pass away,” one commenter joked. “Not a day would go by where I wouldn’t relive that.” 

In the end, her college acceptance was reinstated, but this fear of rejection still haunts Perkins and her parents. 

When her sister’s advisor finally got in contact with the school, this student and her family were more than relieved to figure out that it’d been “a big misunderstanding.” 

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“I would be so lucky that 11 days before I was supposed to move to college, somebody had called the school registrar to tell them they didn’t want to go to the school,” she explained. “Their name happened to be right next to mine.” 

When the school employee tried to remove this other student’s name, they accidentally removed the one beside it — this unlucky woman’s. Despite their mistake, Perkins revealed they couldn’t have been “more apologetic.” They gave her both a sincere apology and reinstated "everything” from her scholarships to her roommate assignment.

“I actually don’t think that I’ve panicked more in my life than I did that day.” Perkins joked, “Gave out gray hairs like candy.” 


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