9 Unique Struggles Only Highly Sensitive People Will Understand

Handle us with care or we will break (into tears).

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From the outside, sensitive people might seem a little bit touchy but the truth is that we just feel everything to a higher degree. It's harder to shrug things off and let it go for people like us. We feel things deeply, we care deeply, and we love deeply — but sometimes these incredible qualities can be a double-edged sword. 



Here are nine unique struggles only highly sensitive people understand:

1. It really hurts our feelings being left off of group chats.

The irony is we actually loathe being in group chats (because of the constant notifications and how they trigger our anxiety and/or pressure to respond instanteously) and yet if we're left out, we take it as a personal affront.


2. We struggle mightily with constructive criticism

In our minds, there is no criticism that is constructive. Criticism is criticism.

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3. We can dish it out — but we're not as adept at taking it 

This double standard is pointed out to us on a daily basis and we're very aware of it. 

4. When you tell us we look "tired," we completely misinterpret the sentiment to mean that we've literally never looked worse

(When, in fact, we probably just needed to put on a smidge more under-eye concealer.) Also: Don't ever tell anyone they look tired, okay? It's rude!


5. In an ironic twist, we tend to be overly critical of others, especially ourselves.

Insecurity: it's our cross to bear.

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6. We are very in tune with other people's energy and emotions

We notice things more quickly and/or pick up on things other people overlook: the energy of a room, or if you've changed your make-up, whether the person you're talking to is trying to end the conversation because their tone of voice changes. Minor things. We're very perceptive — almost too perceptive sometimes — to the point where we may make up false scenarios in our head based on our astute observations, 

7. We disengage from friends who don't treat us with basic respect — or ever make plans 

The ones who you always have to call and text to make plans because they never initiate. We eventually drop them because it hurts us to always be the one doing the majority of the work. A lot.


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8. We may have a constant need for validation

Again: Insecurity. It's our cross to bear. We're working on being more secure.

9. We're not afraid to have a good cry — we're emotional

We will cry anywhere. On a train. On a plane. In a box. On a fox. In a house. With a mouse. (To quote the eloquent Dr. Seuss.)


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