8 Deceptively Simple Daily Practices That Keep The Strongest People Grounded

When you feel like the world is in chaos, the answer is to ground yourself & go from there.

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In our changing world, it is ever important to stand in strength. 

We are all navigating the opportunities and challenges before us. There are ways to build the strength and confidence you need to do that — or at least do it a little easier, with a bit more peace and resilience. 

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Here are eight steps to develop strength, confidence and resilience

These traits can help youstay grounded — no matter what the world throws at you


1. Accept change and then adapt as needed

Growth is an ongoing process that requires letting go of the idea that everything has to go according to your plan because often there are forces that move the situation in a completely different way. 

So, instead of throwing a hissy fit, if things don’t turn out the way “they are supposed to,” learn to adapt. The truth is that even though you strategize a marvelous plan, there are hidden factors that require adjustment. 

In other words, don’t get attached to plan A — have a plan B or C in your back pocket. Or better yet, just flow with the requirements of the moment.


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2. Be mindful of the words you use. 

When your attention is constantly on the outer world, you tend to focus on negative outcomes.  Conversely, when you focus within, to the quiet mind, a full range of possibilities is exposed. 

Your words reflect your state of mind and your expectations. To realize the reality of this statement, observe others. Those who expect the worst, experience the worst. A fretful mental state precedes negative outcomes. Speaking optimistically sets up positive results.


3. Live your values. 

Do you know what your values are? If not, sit down and get clear about what is important to you — health, kindness, accumulating money and/or status, supporting family and community. 

Notice what you would jump to support or defend. When you are clear on your values, you can live them, and that clarity breeds confidence and strength. If you don’t know, you will cave at the slightest provocation. To live with integrity, you must know who you are and what you stand for.

4. Focus on beauty and gratitude. 

Being strong requires seeing the good in people and in life. Start by smiling more and, assuming you don’t have a leering smile, you will find that people smile back at you. That is a thing of beauty. It can be that easy.

Also, think of ten things that you are grateful for right now. If that is hard, you will need to focus more on gratitude. When you remember to be grateful, your energy elevates, and you accrue strength and confidence.


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5. Take care of your vehicle (your body). 

You take care of your car so do the same for your physical body. That boils down to sleep, nutrition, movement, and breath. Monitor these things. 

Limit screen time as it leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Move often because every part of your body needs it.

6. Set boundaries, particularly with yourself.

If you must watch the news, regulate the time to a few minutes. Be careful who you spend time with. If you feel cruddy when you hang out with your cousin, cut ‘cousin’ time way down. 

Choose carefully the people you include in your life. No perpetually grouchy, angry, or critical folks. This one thing alone will pay huge dividends in feeling good.


7. Manage your moods. 

When you need to self-soothe, do it. That means don’t wait around for someone to show up and tell you you are great. 

Do it yourself! You need to vent. Journal it. You need more rest or quiet time or a treat. Take care of that. Maybe cuddle with your dog (cat), take a walk, or call your friend. All doable!

8. Decide what brings you joy and do it. 

Cultivate the activities that bring you joy — crafts, golf, gardening, dancing, fishing, the opera, and having a party. Do it! It is your job to bring joy into your life. Just have fun every day! 


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Jean Walters is a best-selling author and transformational coach. She specializes in helping clients develop communication skills and empathy.