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A 5-Minute Test That Reveals Your Natural Psychic Abilities

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Have you ever wondered if you possess some psychic abilities or intuitive powers?

A spirit communication guide named August Gonçalves shared a guide for simple tests that are designed to unravel an individual's psychic potential, which he revealed can help someone make better decisions and connect with others on a much deeper level.

He shared a 5-minute psychic test which reveals your natural psychic abilities.

In Gonçalves's video, he explained that he was going to guide viewers through several tests to figure out the special abilities that one might possess. He maintained that by the end, a person would be extremely clear on their natural abilities.

The first exercise asks you to visualize the room you are in.

The first thing that Gonçalves recommended was to settle in wherever you are, and once you're comfortable, take a deep breath and hold it at the top. On the exhale, you let your entire day go.



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"I have nowhere to be, nothing to do, just stay present with me and my voice," Gonçalves said. "Now I wanna invite you to close your eyes, and as you close your eyes, I want you to think about the room that you're in. Don't open your eyes, keep them closed, begin to see the room you're in the same way you see a memory."

Can you see any art or paintings on the wall? Are you aware of any of the furniture in the room? Are you able to see that in your mind's eye? Gonçalves insisted that you should stay in this place and focus on any images that come to you. 

A Spirit Communication Guide's 5-Minute Test Reveals Your Natural Psychic AbilitiesPhoto: fizkes / Canva Pro

He continued, saying that as you're thinking about the room that you're in, and if any of the images begin to fade, just bring them back. "I want you to see how vivid you can make it in your mind's eye. How much detail can you bring an awareness to at once?"

Now, Gonçalves advised you to open your eyes, and if you weren't able to get anything from this exercise, then it's fine as all of your other senses will also be tested. If you were able to succeed during this exercise then there are chances that your sense is psychic vision.

For the second exercise, Gonçalves recommended that you imagine you're in a train station.

"As you're sitting outside, you begin to hear the train coming into the station," Gonçalves continued. "Notice what you're hearing, notice the sounds that everything's making that are around you. Can you hear the train on the tracks? Can you hear the people? What else is happening around you?"

Stay in this moment for a while and really focus on what you hear. Are you hearing these sounds very loud or is it more subtle? Gonçalves insisted that you need to really focus on everything that you're hearing right now.

A Spirit Communication Guide's 5-Minute Test Reveals Your Natural Psychic AbilitiesPhoto: geraldfriedrich2 / Canva Pro

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"Now, go ahead and relax, open your eyes. This exercise tests for psychic hearing. If you're able to hear everything that was going on at the train station in great detail and it was loud, not subtle, chances are your ability is psychic hearing." 

Now, if you weren't able to get anything from the second exercise, Gonçalves confidently urged viewers not to feel discouraged, and that there was a third and final guide to follow.

The third exercise requires some imagination.

This time, he recommended that you close your eyes and imagine that you're outside of a door and on the other side, two people are arguing.

You can't particularly hear them, all you're aware of is that there is a heated argument happening on the other side of the door. Suddenly, the argument stops and the people leave but you don't see them. Now, Gonçalves wants you to open the door and walk into the room where the heated argument was taking place.

A Spirit Communication Guide's 5-Minute Test Reveals Your Natural Psychic AbilitiesPhoto: Bulat Silvia / Canva Pro

"What do you notice? What do you feel as you walk into this room, where all this tension just happened? Notice the sensation that you're feeling; is there anything that feels tight? Loose?" he questioned. Gonçalves added that if you're feeling any particular emotion, put a name to it. Anger? Frustration? Sadness?

After all of that, open your eyes. If it was easy for you to feel the energy in the room or intense emotions while you were in there, then chances are, your ability is psychic feeling.

Upon completing all three exercises, if you weren't able to get anything from them, Gonçalves stressed that it doesn't mean you aren't psychic.

"As a matter of fact, everyone has psychic abilities," he said. The only thing that it takes to develop them is the willingness to. So, if you don't get anything from these exercises, I want you to know that you can learn this."

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect so maybe experimenting with these three exercises will flex your psychic muscles until your natural gift presents itself.

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