6 Simple Steps That Help You Hit The Reset Button On Your Life In Only 15 Minutes

Sometimes, all we need is a fresh start to get back on track.

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Whether we’re feeling the stress of daily life or simply ready to escape the mundaneness of our habits, sometimes a reset is necessary. 

Health and productivity writer Colby Kultgen shared the steps he recommends for transforming your life in just 15 minutes — manifesting a metaphorical reset button for anyone who needs a little help heading into the new year.

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Here are 6 simple steps to help you hit the reset button on your life in just 15 minutes.

1. Put away devices, detach from socials, go offline, and grab a pen and paper instead.

It may feel like an impossible task. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, oftentimes we rely on our phones for everything. From directions to connecting with friends to looking up our dinner recipe, its convenience is always at our fingertips. 

Let’s be real — it’s a constant dopamine boost, making it hard to put our devices down. But the key to resetting our stagnant lives is unplugging. By detaching from its connectedness with the world we can refocus on ourselves. 


Search the bottom of your drawers or the depths of your purse, because you’ll also need a pen and paper for the next step. 

2. Write down your top three to five goals. 

Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews conducted a study on creating goals that found that people who write down their goals are 33% more likely to achieve them than their counterparts. 

It’s not by accident — the act of writing down our goals helps our brain’s encoding process, making them easier to remember, act on, and ultimately achieve. 



While there are all sorts of biological and psychological factors that back up the method of writing down our goals, the main headline is that it helps us to visualize them. When we provide clarity to ourselves on what we want to achieve, we start to manifest them subconsciously until we align with our “ideal” lives. 


3. Choose a daily action or habit for each of the goals. 

Now that you have your goals written out, you’re probably visualizing what it will look like to achieve them.

Creating small daily habits in a routine can help us to preserve the willpower and determination needed to make progress on our goals. But they need to be attainable and realistic. 

Over 80% of people who make goals for the new year don’t achieve them, and oftentimes it’s because they start with unattainable action steps. It’s improbable to believe we’ll achieve our goals with unsustainable habits that we can only bear to adopt for a week or two. 

Kultgen gave this example: If your goal is to read more books, a sustainable daily action could be to read 10 pages a day. 


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4. Write down your ideal daily schedule. 

Now that you’ve crafted your daily habits, think about what you’d like your whole routine to look like. Maybe it means you wake up at 6 a.m., work out a few times a week, and prioritize your morning coffee time.

Whatever it looks like, write it all down. Don’t be afraid to get detailed. The more you specifically visualize what your ideal day and life look like, the easier it will be to achieve. 

Some creators on TikTok share their routines, confident that they’ve crafted something uniquely perfect for them. While definitely not one-size-fits-all, their lists can help to inspire you if you’re uncertain about where to begin. 




If you’re able to, keep that piece of paper in a high-traffic area of your home, giving you access to free motivation and hope as you move throughout your day. 

5. Write down your current daily schedule. 

Now, take some time to outline what your current schedule looks like. Even if that means waking up, working, showering, and going to bed, write it down. Then, take a look at the previous step’s list, and make note of what areas are different. 

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Oftentimes, this comparison illuminates some unrealistic aspects of our “ideal lives,” serving as a humble reminder that we’re only human. We only have so many hours in the day, so making daily habits effective means ensuring we’re not spreading ourselves too thin.

This comparison also allows you to identify the biggest differences, and plan how you can realistically make improvements. 

6. Execute. 

It sounds easier than it is, but the steps above can set you up for success. A small task or habit each day may seem minuscule, but it can culminate into something much better. 


A simple way to ensure your habits are aligned with your goals is to ask yourself this question: Why? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why is your goal meaningful? 

The deeper you dive into this question, the more effective your journey to realizing your goals will be. You’d be surprised at the progress you can make when you give yourself the space to dream, plan, and execute. 

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