A Silly Joke About Moms Getting Priority At Coffee Shops Sparked A Heated Debate

The meme created heated discussion about generational differences and privilege.

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If having children is a choice, should motherhood afford women priority over the childless? 

It's a question that sparked a heated debate after a simple meme, meant to be funny, rubbed a whole lot of people the wrong way.

A silly meme about moms getting priority at coffee shops sparked a heated online debate.

When scrolling through countless Instagram memes, most people would barely pause at another mom joke, but what was meant to be silly turned into a heated debate that spanned everything from generational differences to the privileges of parenthood.


And while no one would disagree about the difficulty of parenting or being a mom, the question of whether choosing to be a parent should give you a leg up over everyone else certainly sparked feelings.

The meme in question depicted a young mom holding up a sign that read, "Moms should get a fast past to the front of the line at coffee shops. Honey, you're 22 and slept 10 hours last night? Get to the back of the line."

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If you're offended, you're not alone.

"Nah, you don’t get to cut because you have kids. I have 3. I don’t ask to cut the line,“ one commenter wrote. “I’m a new mom, and I was just as tired in the morning at 22 as I am now. I’ll wait in line, thanks,” another shared.

And let's just say those were on the delicate side of criticizing this meme.

Apparently, entitled moms at coffee shops are a common complaint.

The mom at a coffee shop trope is a common source of comedic entertainment and complaints on social media. 



Reporter Jessica Lindsay from METRO wrote an article that asked why accommodations have to be given to people who are capable of waiting in line.


"Having children is not a disability. Getting a latte is not a necessity. This is all a middle-class, made-up problem of mummy bloggers’ own creation," she claimed.

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Although this one post caused so much controversy, cutting in line at coffee shops seems to be more of an entitled person problem and not a privileged mom problem.

Not only is cutting in line at coffee shops a rampant problem that really sets people off, but it's a common occurrence that spans many more people than just parents. A nurse was caught trying to cut a man in a coffee shop line because of her career, for example.



And don't forget the drive-thru coffee shop cutter.




So, is anyone entitled to cut the line? No. A line is meant to be first come, first serve. In fact, it is considered to be extremely rude if you decide to cut to the front of the line without anyone’s permission.

What do you do if you are in this situation? You first ask them nicely if they can go to the back of the line because they cut in front of you. If they decide not to move, call for an employee or manager and explain that someone cut the line.


But really, it's just a matter of keeping cool and not getting upset about life's little mishaps. 

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