3 Psychology-Based Signs You're Way More Attractive Than You Think

Dr. Kimberley Moffit says that if you notice people acting this way around, you're probably pretty darn good-looking.

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Ever thought about whether others find you attractive? I've had my moments of curiosity about how I come across, too.

But, like most people, I tend to push that question aside because, let's face it, there's no surefire way to know if our attractiveness is real or not.

Fortunately, psychologist Kimberly Moffit recently shared three signs you're more attractive than you think.



3 Psychology-Based Signs You're Way More Attractive Than You Think

1. People don't go out of their way to tell you you're attractive.

One of the less obvious signs that you're attractive is when nobody goes out of their way to tell you so, according to Moffit. And even though it might seem counterintuitive, it makes sense.


"This is happening because they just assume you hear this all the time," explains Moffit.

So, if nobody ever tells you that you're pretty, it might be because they think you already know.

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2. You have at least one really big time hater.

Back in high school, I had this one classmate who used to say, "If you don't have haters, then you ain't popping." And in the case of attractiveness, this seems to be accurate.

"Hate is often fueled by jealousy," says Moffit. If you're beautiful inside and out, that naturally attracts attention, which is why you might have a lot of haters.




3. When you walk into a room other people freeze up and get awkward.

Do you step into a room and silence follows? Well, it's not because you did anything wrong, says Moffit. It's simply because you're so stunning that those around you don't know how to act in your presence.

So, take it as a compliment and lean into the silence.

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Okay, but what if you don't fit into these signs? How do you up your attractiveness? Here are a few tips to consider if you want to be seen as more attractive.

3 Ways To Be Considered More Attractive

1. Relax

When we talk about attractiveness, we may think we need to change ourselves to fit into a certain standard. But let's put things into perspective — iconic figures like Cleopatra were not considered conventionally attractive in their time.

So, what is it that makes someone irresistibly attractive? "It's their mindset," says psychologist Jill P. Weber. People who don't take themselves seriously are considered attractive.

There is something appealing about someone who can laugh off their mistakes and flaws. About someone who can embrace their humor and find the good in things.


Their humanness is what makes them alluring and their openness inspires us to open up. And in a world where many try to hide their imperfections, it's refreshing to meet someone who doesn't bother with all that.

2. Happiness

They say happiness is contagious, and we'd have to agree. Weber writes that people can sense when someone is happy or miserable. And if happiness is a light then you'll naturally draw positive attention to yourself.

But how do we create happiness? Webner writes that you need to redirect your internal critic to create happiness. When you experience negative thoughts, remind yourself that you're both powerful and worthy.



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3. Self-care

Self-care is an important step toward attractiveness. But to put self-care first, you need to have self-discipline. According to Webner, "Being self-disciplined shows that you are not a burden to others. It shows your competency and knowing where your priorities lie."

So, eat healthy and exercise, suggests Webner. Take care of your emotional health through therapy, journaling, or meditation.

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If you want to use self-care to change your looks, maybe try switching up your hairstyle or finding a new signature scent.

According to the National Institute of Health, "The current study also found that both pleasant and unpleasant valence odors could enhance participants’ sensitivity to facial attractiveness."

It's kind of weird trying to figure out if you're attractive or not. But you know, attractiveness is more than just the clothes you wear or how symmetrical your face is.

It's also your inner light, how you carry yourself, and how you treat others. So, while you're busy working on improving yourself, don't forget to nurture your soul too.


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