The Quickest Learners In The World Share These 15 Personality Traits

You have to be a top-tier learner to have all of these traits.

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Gone are the days when people seeking a job interview would list soft skills like team player, good listener, and the ability to learn new skills on their resumes. Nowadays, people expect you to be all of those things and prefer to see more tangible qualities listed.

But just because fast learning skills are a given doesn’t mean they are not important in work experiences and your personal life. Being a quick learner might be something you were applauded for at a previous job, but it is mostly subjective.


There are, however, several personality traits that tell you if fast learning is your forte. And TikToker Professor B. shared 5 of them.

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15 Signs You’re A Quick Learner

Now that we have Professor B.’s 5 telltale signs you are a super quick learner, let’s elaborate on them, as well as additional signs you are a fast learner and pick up new things in record time.


1. You're okay with not knowing.

There are some people who like to give the impression that they know it all. The quickest learners in the world are not afraid to say they don’t know. And even when they do have some knowledge of a subject, they realize there is always more to learn, so they always ask questions.

2. You're committed to a lifetime of learning.

Real learners know that the more knowledge they acquire, the more there is to be discovered. They are students of life, active listeners, and are intent on soaking up as much information as they can to put their best foot forward.

3. You visualize first.

The fastest learners see what they want in their mind’s eye before they manifest it. They use their mental capabilities to come up with solutions and to learn before acting.

4. You put what you’ve learned into action.

Per Professor B., if “you’re really good at implementing right away something you just learned,” you are a very quick learner. You know that most learning happens through action and muscle memory, so you aren’t afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.


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5. You live in the present.

Because true students of life know that there is always learning to be done, they are present in every moment, enjoying life to the fullest, and engaged when learning something new.

6. You value hard work.

Learning new and complex things is not for the faint of heart. The best learners are people who understand that hard work and dedication is a requirement and know how to rise to the occasion.

7. You do more and think less.

At one point or another, everyone has suffered from "analysis paralysis" where you overthink a problem while failing to take decisive action. Quick learners like to get their hands dirty by using what they have learned and "failing forward."


8. You know what to give up.

There are some questions that just don’t have an answer. Fast learners will dig in, looking for solutions, but know when they are at the end of the road and when it is time to table their inquiry. People who learn quick don’t like to waste time on fruitless endeavors.

9. You use errors to your advantage.

Quick learners hate to make mistakes but know that, when they are green, it might be unavoidable. But they analyze their errors and find out what they could have done differently or avoided to have a better outcome. They rarely make the same mistakes twice.

10. You simplify problems.

The quickest learners know that the best way to "eat an elephant" is one bite at a time. They break complicated topics down to digestible bites to come up with simpler ways of doing things. Ideally, you like to make this so understandable that a child can comprehend.

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11. You're selective.

You know that everything is not worth your time. You choose to learn things that you find value in and that are worthy of your time and energy. Picking and choosing what to learn makes your process easy and efficient.

12. You look ahead.

If you learn quickly, you know that there are always new developments in how things are done. You are agile and able to adjust your mindset to get rid of old information and update your internal database with the latest adaptations.

13. You're positive.

Quick learning requires a "can-do" attitude and confidence that you will achieve positive results. If your attitude is negative toward learning, you can guarantee that doubt will manifest and you will be faced with challenges.


14. You lean on people who know more than you.

Learning is an act of humility. You must first admit you don’t know everything, then seek the input of someone who is more well-versed than you are. Quick learners have no problem leaning on an expert to provide them with the best tutelage possible.

15. You're not looking for perfection.

Fast learners know that nobody is perfect. Instead of striving to be everything, they just want to be better today than they were yesterday. Steady, measurable progress is just as important as perfecting anything you set your mind to.

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