12 Signs A Man Is Way Too Thirsty

Desperation is not a good look.

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In my days in the dating scene, I’ve noticed that there are two types of horny men: men who see women as people, and men who see women as objects.

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When aroused, a man who sees a woman as a person will often remember to actually talk to her as if she’s a person and will only be sex-driven during “hot date” moments. A man who doesn’t see a girl as a person will typically act too thirsty for his own good.


The funny thing about men who don’t see women as people is that they are very likely to “pump and dump,” and are also more likely to be downright horrible human beings. Learning this, I stopped having any kind of respect for men who show too much thirst in my direction. Worried that he’s this kind of man?

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Here are 12 signs a man is way too thirsty:

1. He’s constantly sending thirsty texts or d*** pics

This is why this kind of behavior is an instant strikeout for me. It’s inappropriate, gross, and frankly, just shows he’s probably too stupid to maintain a conversation.

2. Though you two aren’t serious, he starts demanding nudes

Ugh, so tacky, am I right? It’s gross, but at least it’s a good sign that you shouldn’t respect him.

3. You keep trying to redirect the conversation to something nonsexual, and he’s not getting the hint

The funny thing is, with guys like this, it’s not that they’re not getting the hint. They’re actively choosing not to listen to you. At this point, being direct and confronting them is a good option. However, the best option is to get up and walking away.

4. He’s flirting with you despite being taken

I take this as a sign that the guy’s brain has decided to just flatline and let the penis do the thinking. It’s a bad, self-destructive move on the man’s part. That’s how certain guys end up in divorce court and certain politicians tank their careers. Just saying.


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5. He displays classic f-boy characteristics

He’s shallow. He just texts “hey” to you and expects you to fawn over him. Ugh, gross.

6. You’re 99 percent sure that he’s not capable of holding an intelligent conversation with you

At this point, he’s just a waste of time and an embarrassment to the male gender. What more can you say? When guys get like this, it’s pathetic.

7. At times, you’re pretty sure he’s checking out other girls in front of you

At best, he’s a douchebag who can’t control his penis. At worst, he’s a potential cheater and a f-boy. What more can I say?


8. If you were to ask him three basic questions about you, he wouldn’t be able to answer them correctly... but he can list off every detail of your booty

Yep, this basically shows where his priorities lie, and they’re definitely not about personality here.

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9. You don’t think he’s ever actually had a legitimately intelligent conversation not involving sex with you

The thirst is real, and if he’s doing this, he’s basically showing that he’s too horny to actually give a rat’s ass about knowing the person that he’s going to sleep with. That’s not a good look for him, or whoever he’s with.

10. He’s constantly commenting on social media photos, asking why you don’t talk to him, and just making a fool of himself online

You know the type — the guys who comment on a million different photos of yours, all asking when you two will hang out or talk about your boobs. They also, when rejected, may end up doing things like talking about how “nice guys finish last.”


11. When you actively point out how thirsty he is, he makes no move to try to debate it

I mean, come on, people. This is one of the most obvious signs he's thirsty for you.

12. Or, in some cases, they go full thirst overload and end up talking about how much they hate women after being rejected one too many times

Look, I get how frustrating the dating world is these days. I’m a victim of it, too. But when you see guys who can’t stand seeing women without engaging in some kind of vitriol, it’s clear that it’s a mix between thirst and butthurt.

That’s neither healthy nor attractive — all the more reason why an overly thirsty guy is not worth your time. 


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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer whose work has been featured in Yahoo, BRIDES, Your Daily Dish, New Theory Magazine, and others.