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6 Signs From Your Spirit Guide That The Path You Are On Is Not Right For You

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Tahverlee is a spiritual coach and practicing witch who “helps people create their own realities and reclaim their sovereignty by pushing the edge of society’s assumptions.” She connects people to their innate spiritual powers and shows them how to interpret the magic that’s already present in their lives, whether they’re paying attention to it or not.

Tahverlee recently revealed “The warning [and] caution signs that often come up in human ways” that we all too often disregard and ignore. 



Here are 6 signs your spirit guide gives you when the path you’re on is not right for you:

1. You experience 'delays'

Tahverlee shared that when we embark on a new journey in our lives, we often look for reassurance that we’re making the right decisions.

“When we are often contemplating or experiencing life or going through change or contemplating something new, we look for signs on whether or not this is the right path,” she explained. “And even if you’re not looking for signs, they’re likely coming to you.”

A major sign that you’re not on the right path is that you keep getting delayed.

“The first sign that this isn’t the right path or the right time is that there are delays,” Tahverlee said. “Natural delays sometimes happen, of course, things happen, but there’ll be more than one delay.”

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“If you’re experiencing something in life, or in business, or in relationships, and there seems to be a delay, ask yourself why and go deeper into it.”

Paying close attention to the world’s cues will help you on your journey, even if that message is to slow down or change your initial path.

2. Your body has a 'bad feeling'

Tahverlee also shared that the thing you’re seeking “might be something you desire or thought that you wanted, and all of a sudden you have a bad feeling.”

Listening to your body’s somatic reactions is a hugely important part of understanding and interpreting your experience and your intuition. 

If you’re having a bodily experience, and you feel different than you normally do, Tahverlee advised, “Ask yourself why and go into it.”

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3. Something 'feels off' but you can’t explain it

“We’ve all had this experience,” Tahverlee said. “It could be you are off, meaning, you’re not [in] the right place or time for it,” whatever you’re hoping to receive. 

She shared that the unsettled feeling could mean someone else is off if what you’re seeking involves another person. 

6 Signs From Your Spirit Guide When The Path You Are On Is Not RightPhoto: Arina Krasnikova / Pexels 

Tahverlee advised people to listen to their intuition and to inquire into why they feel the way they do.

“You’re starting to see a common theme, if you get these feelings, which is, spend some time contemplating those feelings, because these could be from your spirit guides, great, big, warning signs, and you wanna determine if that’s the case,” she said. 

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4. You have insomnia 

Tahverlee explained that if you’re experiencing insomnia when you don’t usually have sleep issues, and you’ve been noticing some of the other signs, those things together could be a sign from another realm. 

“It’s a way to get your attention,” she said. “Ask yourself, what is this about, what does it mean?” 

6 Signs From Your Spirit Guide When The Path You Are On Is Not RightPhoto: Karolina Grabowska : Pexels 

Experiencing a period of wakefulness might be your body’s way of letting you know that change is on its way.

5. You get sick

“It could be just a minor little illness, it could be something big, and of course, it might be a virus, but it’s coming into your field at that time to get you to slow down, or even to stop,” Tahverlee noted. “I had this big spell planned that I was working on. I’d been coughing a little bit, but… I didn’t feel sick. And all of a sudden, a wave of sickness came across my body… and I knew it was a great big ‘Stop,’” she shared about a personal experience. “So, I listened. I actually didn’t do the spell.”



Again, getting sick is a sign that’s rooted in your body, letting you know it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate the way you’re living.

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6. Strange 'accidents' occur

If you’re noticing things happening that are out of the ordinary, it could mean your spirit guides are trying to reach you.

“Something might break, something might continually keep falling out of your hands, and this is likely more than once,” Tahverlee said. “This is another sign that you’re getting, like, a stop, a no-go, a pause.” 

Sometimes it's easier to follow the signs around us when they tell us what we want to hear.

When we’re making our way down a path we want to take, any sign to hold back might not be welcome. But knowing when to stop is just as vitally important as knowing when to push forward.

Sometimes, we need to nourish our “No” to get to our “Yes.”

Whatever we’re seeking, time is on our side. Rushing into what we want might not benefit us, yet cultivating patience and acceptance always does.

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