8 Signs Someone Is A 'Beginner Soul' — And In An Early Level Of Personal Development

It may take up to 30,000 years of lifetimes for someone to reach spiritual enlightenment.

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Do you ever wonder if your soul has lived through many lifetimes?

An old soul belongs to someone who carries a certain maturity, understanding and empathy for the world. Contrarily, a beginner soul demonstrates much less depth and compassion, which would explain a large percentage of individuals in the world.

Dr. Michael Newton detailed the signs that someone is a 'beginner soul.'

Michael Newton, Ph.D., is a counseling psychologist and certified master hypnotherapist of over 40 years. He is popularly known as a spiritual regressionist and is dedicated to helping people understand the lives in between their current lives. His wisdom and knowledge has brought healing and transformation to people from all over the world.


In a TikTok video, Melisa Noel, podcast host of "Angels & Earthlings," shared a reading from Dr. Newton’s book, "Journey of Souls," about a woman that Dr. Newton claimed to be "an absolute beginner soul." For this case, Dr. Newton detailed the signs that indicate an immature soul at the early stage of personal development.



1. They do not demonstrate a generosity of spirit.

To possess a generosity of spirit is to act with kindness and to willingly give to others without the expectation of something in return. When someone does not demonstrate this generous nature, they are likely living with envy and resentment.


According to Wellington College, "Those who build their relationships with generosity of spirit at the core commit to a life of unconditional giving and service to others, and they do so in an entirely selfless way."

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2. They lack personal responsibility.

Everyone makes mistakes and unintentionally leads with their ego self from time to time, but we all come to our senses and face the reality of our wrongdoings at some point.

Those with a beginner soul typically do not take personal responsibility for their own actions. Instead, they resort to blaming other individuals or factors for their own mistakes. This stems from a lack of higher consciousness and low emotional intelligence.


3. They feel life has ‘cheated them’ out of happiness.

It's natural to sometimes feel personally attacked when life consistently throws negative situations at you. However, those situations are meant to teach you lessons. You define what happiness means to you in the end.

While the woman was under hypnosis by Dr. Newton, he learned of her first life, where she was killed in 1260 A.D. at only five years old. When he asked her spirit how she felt, she replied that she felt "cheated" out of happiness for experiencing such a cruel life.

Living a cruel life is an unfortunate reality for many — we see it on the news everyday. Life is never easy, but you do have some control over how you choose to live it. Becoming self-aware and accepting of your situations can allow you to experience the beauties life also has to offer.


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4. They have an inability to bond with people.

Forging bonds and connections with other people is essential to health and wellness. Connecting with others prevents feelings of loneliness and depression, and it is also linked to improved physical health.

When people project a constant negativity to the world and those around them, there's no doubt they likely lack positive relationships with others. As the saying goes, misery loves company.

Someone with a beginner soul struggles to bond with others because of the empathetic traits their soul lacks. If they lack generosity and accountability, then they won't be able to connect with others, including their family.


5. They live in a state of confusion and ineffectiveness.

A person's strongest trait is their humanity — it is what allows people to feel connected to each other.

People with beginner souls may struggle to understand this sense of compassion and sensitivity, leading to a constant state of confusion. Their lives lack meaning, so they end up getting stuck on what Noel calls a "karmic cycle," living numerous lives filled with the same patterns.

6. They lack independent thinking.

For most people, conformity is the easiest way to find acceptance. Conformity was originally a self-preservation tactic used for survival, but in our modern world, thinking like others offers safety and approval.

The beauty of being human, however, is possessing the gift of free will. The root of free will comes from independent thinking, but when individuals lack this independence, they are leading lives with little purpose.


These individuals tend to follow limiting beliefs. They likely do not question anything about who they are and struggle to reach their potential.

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7. They are self-centered.

It's one thing to prioritize yourself and your needs, but it's another to disregard the feelings and needs of others.


When individuals rarely think about how their actions make others feel, they are inhibited by the restraints of their undeveloped minds. Rather than understanding the concept that billions of people are collectively having individual human experiences, it's their life — you just live in it.

8. They do not easily accept others for who they are.

This is evident in beginner souls and goes back to centuries of bigotry and discrimination. People who struggle with accepting others often feel a need to control the world around them because it makes them feel safe.

These individuals tend to believe their perspective is the right one, and will resort to judgment and criticism if anyone disagrees. To believe other humans are not valid for their differences is to lack personal development.


Beginner souls do not always stay beginner souls — they have the potential to learn and grow, but some souls struggle to develop and get stuck on the wheel of karma.

"I have had many cases where a client has been incarnating for up to 30,000 years on Earth and is still in the lower levels of development," Dr. Newton wrote in his book. In these cases, people are frequently sent back to Earth until they learn the lessons they are being presented.

Noel advises people to "pay attention to the problems and patterns that keep showing up in your life." Otherwise, you will get stuck on a loop of incarnating for centuries. "Those problems keep showing up because you're meant to understand the purpose, to learn the lesson, and to release that and move on in peace."

Everything life presents to us is meant to teach us something, whether it is easy to learn or not. If you notice patterns of the same problems in your life, it is likely that they represent a specific lesson that will help you grow and evolve.

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