14 Short Sentences That Will Make Your Life More Meaningful

Discover your true meaning in life.

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A reader recently asked me to share what I knew about finding meaning in life.

Here are 14 short sentences that will make your life more meaningful:

1. The truth about meaning is that meaning is not real. 

Meaning is a thought we project onto our environment, things, and other people.

2. Out in the cold, harsh expanse of space, there is no meaning.

There is only matter and energy.

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3. 'Meaning' is a thought we interpret.

It is malleable depending on how we think and the degree to which we do not.

4. We feel pleasure when it appears we have meaning in our lives.

But this doesn’t mean things need to be a certain way to have meaning.

5. It’s important to live in a way that is as close to nature as possible.

This means eating and sleeping well and allowing love in. But once our natural needs are met, meaning is what you make it.

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6. Because meaning is what you make it, you are free to leave it alone. 

You needn’t worry about having more meaning in your life as long as you experience life with an open mind.




7. We live better when we interpret our lives reasonably.

When we spend an inordinate amount of time in our thoughts, we begin to perceive reality unreasonably.

8. A meaningful life is one where we interpret life with less mental interference.

This cannot happen if we think more than we sense.

9. Sensing is to see things for what they are.

This is helped by seeking new experiences and lessons to be learned.


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10. The more we learn, the more in touch with reason we are, and the more we grow. 

We spend less time in the world of interpretation, illusion, and doubt.

11. To live a meaningful life, we must strive to be in touch with nature as foundational, but then to be as aware as we possibly can.

12. When we’re aware more of the time, we are more closely connected to the world and ourselves.

13. Things become light and more enjoyable when we sense our connection to the world and others.

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14. Our next steps become clearer when we’re more connected and aware.

We are guided wisely by our instincts. Our lives are driven by personal wisdom rather than personal confusion.

That, to me, is to live with a sense of meaning.

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