5 Shady Signs You're Dating A Pick-Up Artist

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You're a straight woman, and you like this guy

You have fun, you have chemistry and then you have sex.

At this point, he seems to disappear. But not totally. He still views your social media stories, maybe even leaves a like on a post, or retweets something you say, but he never actually reaches out again.

Sound familiar?

Chances are, he's read the Pick-Up Artist lit and is following it to a T.

Here are 5 shady signs your man is a pick-up artist:

1. He engages in "push-pull"

Yes, in PU lingo that's the name of the "move:" he's keeping you off balance by pulling you in one day and pushing you away the next. It can work like a charm and get you hooked.

2. He takes you on an emotional roller coaster

Just repeating PU theory here! Which claims that women live for this emotional up and down.

PU theory would hold that if he were just a nice guy who liked you as much as you like him, you'd be bored of him already. So, he's not that nice to you.

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3. He has slotted you as a f*** buddy (if you'll forgive the crassitude)

He is following the prescribed PUA protocol for keeping a woman slotted as an FWB (stays distant, to begin with, and he backs WAY off when you push for more).

This leads probably means that you're one of the multiple women in his life. Guys only act this way when sex is abundant in their lives. You're just a number to him.

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4. He withdraws from commitment

With every push, YOU make every demand for more time, more attention, etc. you drive him further off. He doesn't want a woman who seems too clingy.

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5. He only engages in low-investment/high-reward activities with you

He cooks for you at home, invites you for a movie at home, only hangs out with you if you're DTF, and only texts/phones to arrange logistics these are all standard PUAmoves.

So, there it is. He might like you, but he likes his independence and his multiple partners more. You're probably not going to get more out of him than this because — he doesn't have to give you any more than this to get his needs fulfilled. It's up to you now if you're willing to accept this as a partner or if you need something more.

Dating can be a hard thing to do, but you have to know exactly what you want, or you'll put up with less than you deserve.

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