Server Shares The Heartbreaking Note A Young Boy Passed Her When She Greeted Their Table

“What do I do with this information?”

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Grief and loss are hard enough to handle as an adult. Imagine what it’s like as a child. 

It’s exactly what restaurant server Megan Jahnke quickly realized when a young boy at one of her tables slipped her a handwritten note. Hesitant to take it, she ultimately decided to grab it from him and slip it into her apron.

However, when she opened it up, the note wasn't at all what she thought it’d be.


Jahnke shared the heartbreaking note a young boy passed her while she worked.

“One of my family members [is] dying of cancer,” the note started. “So, don’t be surprised if I don’t talk a lot.” Overcome by the note and the intense news the young boy decided to share with her, she posted the message to TikTok.

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After all, she was just working, trying to get a paycheck; a trauma dump from a child wasn’t what she was expecting after arriving at work. 

Admittedly, she was touched but didn't know what to do with the information he shared.

The note, which let her know he had a family member with cancer, warned her not to worry if he ‘didn’t talk much.’

Of course, as with any viral video, people were split in the comments over the note. Some argued they would’ve done similar things just for attention as kids, and others were more emotional over the vulnerability he’d shared.


“This is so sad, but also a little funny,” one person honestly wrote. It’s giving me ‘how can I make this about me’ vibes.”

Others in the comments, imagining the reason behind the note, felt more empathic and forgiving. “That poor kid clearly needs someone to talk to… or maybe they were overthinking your perception of them.”

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At the end of the day, the note might’ve been a little bit out of left field, but it was still a gesture of connection. Not only did the boy want to make sure that the server didn’t feel isolated or offended by his lack of conversation, but he also shared a vulnerable piece of his life with someone who might’ve been able to relate or help.

Sometimes, kids do eccentric and strange things — like writing a stranger a note about a loss — but often, their intentions are pure. 

They yearn for connection, communication, and love just the same as anyone else and might even be a bit more curious or compelled to act on those feelings unlike their adult counterparts.


While some argue the note was ‘attention-seeking,’ others said it’s a heartwarming coping mechanism.

Grief is a universal experience but doesn't have a universal expression. Kids often look to others to learn how to deal with their overwhelming feelings, whether through communication or body language. As a result, they often pick up on these coping mechanisms.

“This is so sad,” one person wrote in the comments. “I just imagine this little kid, who is going through a lot and doesn’t know how to express it… he doesn’t want the server to think he’s rude.”

So, while the memories and attitudes of our childhood personalities might cloud our visions a bit, it’s important not to pass judgment on open acts of communication like this. 


Yes, in a way, it might be “attention-seeking,” but that kind of behavior is not inherently bad. They’re searching for attention, connection, and communication with the people around them — is that not true of everyone?

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