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Server Explains Why She's Done Tipping Other Servers 20%

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A woman named Jenna who works in the service industry is taking a hardline stance on tipping culture, but her perspective is different from what you might expect.

A server named Jenna explained why she won’t tip other servers 20 percent.

In a TikTok post, Jenna spoke to other servers, saying she can’t tip 20 percent anymore, because “you guys don’t deserve it.”



“I’m a server, and a lot of you servers, you don’t deserve 20 percent,” she said.

Jenna commented on the decline in service, wondering why she should be expected to tip a high percentage for a job that wasn’t well done.

“Every time I go out, I don’t get a refill, I don’t have silverware, they take 20 minutes to get my condiment or I have to go ask someone else for it,” she complained. “They don’t ask if I want one check or separate, then just bring one, then they split the checks for us and it’s all messed up.”

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“This job is simple,” she said. “Does it get hard at times? Yeah. But you’re really bringing people food and making sure their drinks are full, and bringing them barbecue sauce and ketchup. It’s just not that hard.”

“If you mess it up, I’m not tipping you 20 percent, and that’s coming from a server,” she said. 

Server Explains Why She's Done Tipping Other Servers 20 PercentPhoto: Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels 

“If you sucked, and I had to ask two times for a refill, and I had to get up and ask one of your co-workers because you couldn’t go grab barbecue sauce, I’m not tipping you 20 percent,” she reiterated. “I’m just so sick of it.”

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She used to be an ‘overtipper’ and always gave 20 percent, but recent experiences with other servers changed her mind.

“Not to sound conceited, but I’m a pretty good server, and I’m tired of busting my butt to make sure my tables have everything, and getting tipped good, and then I go to these other places, and I’m tipping these people the same amount when they’re doing a terrible job,” she vented. “I just can’t validate it anymore.”

Jenna certainly has a strong sense of self-worth and knows that she’s good at her job. But should others be penalized for not working up to her personal standards?

Her stance against giving 20 percent to waitstaff who haven’t served up to par raises an interesting question: Do diners owe their servers money just by virtue of showing up, or should they pay based on the actual experience they had?

Server Explains Why She's Done Tipping Other Servers 20 PercentPhoto: Gary Barnes / Pexels

As she explained in her caption, “It’s at the point where if I actually have a good server, I’m tipping them like 30 to 40 percent because I’m so thrilled to actually see someone doing a good job.”

At the end of the day, whatever server she’s had is still relying on tips to make up the majority of their income. The reality of a work mentality is that we tend to work harder and do our jobs better when we’re fairly compensated. 

Inequity in tipping brings up a larger issue. All people deserve a living wage, whether they’re bringing out barbeque sauce or performing surgery. 

People certainly don’t have to tip exorbitant amounts if they don’t think their service was great, yet 20 percent isn’t a lot of money when it comes down to it. If we live by the adage of treating others how we want to be treated, we’d all be giving way larger tips, with the understanding that our livelihoods are all connected. 

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