21 Sentences That Will Make You More Appealing Than 98% Of People

Memorize these lines.

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I’m not the worst-looking dude, but I wasn’t always attractive and frequently did things that were straight-up unattractive and pushed good people away. I learned a ton over the years in an attempt to improve my connections with other humans. I put together this cheat sheet for quick reference. It’s something I wish I had years ago.

Here are 21 sentences that will make you more appealing than most people:

1. Nurture the art of being light-hearted and having fun, regardless of the situation.


2. People are attracted to people who don’t appear to be attached to specific outcomes.

3. When you’re overly self-conscious, you become less authentic and, therefore, less attractive.

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4. Have a clear understanding of what positive change you want to make in the world, and let this energize you more than needing approval from anyone.

5. Use power poses and crazy, fun monkey dancing to prime the body for attractive confidence.

6. Focusing more on listening than speaking will set you apart.



7. Withholding information about yourself, and not continually blabbering, will increase your sense of mystery, which is attractive.


8. Don’t change yourself just to please someone else, but don’t be overly cold, either.

9. Instead of trying to calm yourself down, focus on calming others.

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10. Ask unique questions that few ask to set yourself apart and get the other talking.

11. Soften your face and open your body language so you don’t appear so intense.

12. Attraction is closely rooted in confidence — and to be confident, you need to stop trying to be confident and just enjoy yourself.

13. Be willing to challenge and occasionally tease other people so you don’t come across as a boring average Joe who uses ‘niceness’ as a manipulative tool to get what he wants.


14. Stop waiting for validation, and bring your relaxed energy.



15. Find a way to be genuinely interested in other people, as it will boost your confidence and make others more interested in you.

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16. Appropriate and occasional touching will deepen one’s sense of connection and often raise attraction.


17. Use slow, shallow nose breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system so you calm down and ease into your confident self.

18. Attraction is about depth as much as it is about the superficial, so make sure you take care of your physical appearance.

19. Instead of reacting angrily to criticism, smile, ignore, and move on from any disrespect or drama.


20. Slowing down makes life easier for you while raising your perceived status.

21. Quit bad habits that bring you shame so that you behave with a sense of pride and natural confidence that others will be drawn to.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.