Self-Defense Expert Reveals The 'Ted Bundy Rule' To Help Women Protect Themselves From Men Who Seem Harmless

She insisted that women should always prioritize their safety when it comes to encounters with men that may seem harmless.

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It's no secret that Ted Bundy used his charismatic personality and seemingly harmless persona to lure young women into his grasp. Despite how straightforward it may seem not to be so trusting, the reality is — it can be hard to look past the façade of friendliness.

This is why a self-defense expert named Katie Ring shared the most valuable and important lesson that she wants every woman, young adult, and child to know. 


She shared the 'Ted Bundy rule' to help women protect themselves against men who seem harmless.

Ring explained that the "Ted Bundy rule" essentially means that if a man you don't know ever comes up to you to ask for help, you should be especially wary and not as willing to help them. The reason why, Ring pointed out, is if a grown man does need help, he'll typically ask another man, instead of wanting help from a woman or child.

"Yes, There are exceptions to these rules. I'm gonna help my boyfriend, my brother, my dad, and men I know well," Ring said. "If a grown man asks for your help. I want you to question why he's asking for your help in particular."

@the.self.defense.girl One of the most important self-defense rules if you are a woman or a child, is if a grown man is asking for your help, always question why. Obviously not everyone has bad intentions, but your safety is more important than someone elses feelings!. #selfdefense #safety #safetytips #womensselfdefense #tiptok #tedbundy #fyp #foryou #viral #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Katie | The.Self.Defense.Girl

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Ring shared a message that she'd received from one of her followers, who agreed to share it with viewers. Ring's follower explained that she'd been at the grocery store late at night when only a few cars were in the parking lot. It was extremely dark when she noticed a man walking toward her on crutches, wearing no cast, while she was checking out.

He asked her if she would help him carry his groceries back to his truck in the near-empty parking lot. At first, she was inclined to say yes, which is something many women can often relate to. We're conditioned to help those in need, to nurture and be compassionate whenever we see someone in need.


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However, Ring's follower pointed out that she'd remembered one of Ring's self-defense videos where you should ask yourself why someone is asking for your help. The woman said no and remarked that it was weird that the guy had asked her instead of the other male worker behind the cash register, who actually works at the store and would've been inclined to help the man.

"My point in telling you this is to let you know that I appreciate you, and your videos have a huge impact," Ring's follower added. "Most likely, he was a nice guy, but without your words in the back of my head, I probably would've helped him to his car and put myself in a potentially bad situation.


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Women experience higher levels of violence at the hands of men.

According to the World Health Organization, globally, about 1 in 3 (30%) of women worldwide have been subjected to either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. It's become a major public health problem, and yet, women often face obstacles and barriers when talking about their experiences and the violence they've experienced at the hands of men.

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Sure, that man who approached Ring's follower in the grocery store could've had innocent intentions and truly just wanted help. But so many women have been in similar situations where it doesn't end well for them, and unfortunately, we are forced to be on guard all the time around men we do and don't know. 


Too many times have women said no to men, only to be violently harmed or worse. It's such a sobering reality that we as women have to walk around with this fear and vulnerability in our bodies while we try to experience our everyday lives. But it's better to be safe than sorry.

Ring's cautionary tale about self-defense and following the "Ted Bundy rule" is a reminder to question any situation or scenario where warning bells are going off in our heads because like it or not, the threat of harm often looms dangerously close to women living in a world that prioritizes the comfort of men over the safety of women.

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