8 Rare Habits Of Unstoppable Modern Warriors

Adopt these warrior habits and become unstoppable in the process.

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We don’t need to be in battle with a clan of medieval nasties to live like a warrior. We don’t need to don a heavy iron chest plate to be a warrior. "Warrior" is a way of seeing the world and a filter through which we see ourselves in that reality. "Warrior" is a perspective, a mindset needed now more than ever. It’s a way of thinking that informs our behaviors, and those behaviors, in turn, protect us, amplify our luck, and strengthen us. When we adopt the habits of a modern warrior, we anticipate challenges. We’re no longer at the mercy of the surprises that inevitably sneak up on us when we need everything to be trouble-free.


Here are 8 rare habits of unstoppable modern warriors:

1. See things for what they are, not what you perceive them to be.

There’s a big difference between observation and judgment. Judgers are vulnerable because they are at the mercy of their self-created illusions. You won’t see monsters when you’re awake.

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2. Regularly evaluate the wider terrain.

People who frequently get stuck in life often find themselves in the weeds. They never pause for a moment to get to higher ground, where they can zoom out and consider the broader landscape. This means you need to ask yourself why you’re doing all this. What’s your purpose? What’s your long game? Don’t wind up in the weeds. That’s how you get swallowed up.


3. Focus on your system, not on you.

I’ve seen a pattern in my life. Whenever I struggle or come up against roadblocks, it’s often because of one thing: I am making my struggle about me. I wonder whether I’m cut out for something. I dwell on my memories and my "faulty" personality. Then I snap out of it and remember the thing that always saves me: What is my system? What do I need to do, regardless of who I think I am and how I feel? The system takes my attention off me and on to doing things. That’s all it takes.

4. Be ruthlessly intolerant to things you can’t control.

You can’t do anything about it as much as you wish you could. So let it go. You must. That’s freedom, and you will then be able to redirect all that worried energy into what’s working for you.

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5. Don’t avoid what you fear; use it.

Many people are unnecessarily depressed because they are clueless about the meaning of fear. Most people use fear to point them away from where they need to go. But their comfort makes for an even riskier life. Modern warriors know that being scared isn’t always fun, but they also understand the deep thrill of doing scary things. Your greatest opportunities reside in the dark.

6. Be pragmatic, not a cynic.

I’ve seen many friends shoot themselves in the foot and deny themselves opportunities because they’re cynical. Pragmatists see things for what they are, but they operate on hope and optimism. They use what data serves them and they take action based on this real-world knowledge.

7. Develop your physical aura.

You know that special ‘thing’ people seem to give off that pulls others towards them? This gives you an advantage in life. This can be honed. There are several things you can do to develop such an "aura." 

  • Dress clean. You don’t need to be over the top. I’m certainly not. But I take care of my appearance. The small details make the difference
  • Slow down. People with rushed movements indicate lower status. Slowing down gives you an unfair advantage in a world that’s always rushing.
  • Listen. Be present and actually listen. The attention is off you (which relaxes you further), adds to your mystery, and makes others feel important.
  • Be light-hearted. Taking things seriously drains the energy from a room and makes you lose respect. Choose to go light and people around you will be on Cloud 9.

All of this, whether we like to believe it or not, will serve you in life. It will lead to better connections and better opportunities. More than anything else, it will keep you lifted and dignified.


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8. Express an understanding of the mind-body connection.

You will struggle to think clearly and live with ongoing joy if you mistreat your body. More and more studies show the close connection between gut health and mental health, for example. Modern warriors take care of themselves physically as best they can. It’s a priority for them over anything else.



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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.