9 Tiny Energy Hacks To Steal From Wildly Productive People

Simple energy tricks that immediately boost productivity.

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The tiniest things can create significant changes. The energy needed to be productive can come from a small shift or an opening up of energy channels, which can take seconds.

Here are 9 tiny energy hacks to steal from wildly energetic people:

1. Laugh therapy

Taking everything seriously and being all moody and heavy as you go through your day — I guarantee — is messing up your productivity. Why? Because ‘seriousness’ is a low-consciousness frequency. It is low energy. Humor and laughter lift us quickly. It’s like shocking our system into operating at a higher level. Laugh at some comedy on YouTube before you crack into some work, or cackle like a crazed witch, allow your belly to loosen and thank me later.


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2. Scribble crap on paper

While everyone else is sweating over how ‘unproductive’ they’re being, forcing themselves to do things they aren’t feeling, you’re a little different. You’re here with a pen, scribbling on paper. Not trying anything, having fun. In this loose, free-flowing state, ideas come to you, and you chuckle to yourself at this newfound intelligence hack.

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3. Five press-ups

Many of us fail to realize that creativity is a primarily physical act, as well as an intellectual one. We plant our enormous butts on a chair and sit there wondering why we have writer’s block. It’s because you never move. Do something physical, even for a minute, and you don’t even have to put on your gym latex. A lot can shift for you energetically with just five squats or press-ups. Get the blood flowing, and you will have an instant boost.

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4. Shake your hips like a clown

If you ever join me on one of my regular trips to a cafe, you may have the (mis)fortune of catching me in the bathroom between writing stretches moving my body in unthinkable ways. Channel your inner Bongo the Clown. Oh, believe me, he’s in there giggling to himself, waiting for your hips to let him out. Releasing tension from the hips frees us up, opens up energy flows, and is a secret hack.

5. Six slow breaths

Yeah, I get it. You’ve heard that one before. Ok, Einstein — so why do you spend all day holding your breath like it costs money to let it out? Barely anyone has the presence or ‘time’ to slow down. But they don’t realize conscious breathing calms us down, centers the mind, and makes us perform better. In this way, we create time.


6. Get your face in the sun



The sun isn’t some scary sky monster from which to run and hide. Sunshine is nourishing, boosts Vitamin D, and triggers all kinds of positive responses in the body that energize us. You don’t need Google to affirm this when you can just go outside and experience the mood boost for yourself. This stuff isn’t complicated. Notice how much more human you feel when you aren’t continually cooped up in a concrete box.

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7. Drink water

All kinds of unpleasant things happen to us when we’re dehydrated. We feel sleepy, weak, and lethargic and blame our ‘personalities’ or childhood trauma. Your body’s like a plant and comes to life when properly lubricated.


8. Note your 'one' thing

Gary Keller wrote a superb book about prioritizing tasks which changed my life called The One Thing. He reminded me that all we need to do is one thing (that matters) at a time with enjoyment. You can’t experience true energized productivity outside of this reality. So create this dynamic by noting down: What’s your ONE most worthwhile task for today? What ONE thing will you do next? What ONE thing will you make sure happens this month? What’s your one beautiful, exciting goal for this year? Do it. Clarity is instantly energizing.

9. Relax

This one’s underrated. Many of us, myself included, can tighten up, overthink, and try to do many things at once to compensate for our sense of overwhelm. This is precisely the wrong direction to move in. When we’re physically relaxed, focusing on one thing at a time, we are much more effective. All this requires of you is this: drop your shoulders, loosen your butt cheeks, and breathe. Work doesn’t need to be some chore you grind out with clenched teeth. You are allowed to approach all parts of your day with joyful, gentle, and light-hearted exuberance. Relax as often as you need to. It takes a few seconds, but this will change your entire life.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.